Women For Women Against Feminism

Maybe you’ve heard of this new tumblr that’s become pretty popular within the current conversation about feminism. It’s called Women Against Feminism. Go ahead. Check it out. Read some of those blurbs from women. How does it make you feel? Are you shocked? Nauseous? Repulsed? Because you’re supposed to be repulsed. You’re supposed to be disgusted by these women. You’re supposed to think that they’re stupid, undereducated, Midwestern hicks who are unaware of the historical impact of feminism and the fight that still happens today. In fact, you’re supposed to copy and paste that link, post it to your Facebook and say something along the lines, “I can’t believe how dumb these bitches are.” That way, all your friends can see it and comment on it, too.

But feminism isn’t about doing what you’re supposed to do. Feminism isn’t about coloring inside the lines. Feminism isn’t about being easily manipulated by men. Because if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, if you’re taking to the internet to add the whining, and the screaming, and the general din that is denigrating these women online – you’re being scammed. Women Against Feminism is a fucking trap. Don’t fall in.

What Women Against Feminism does (and what it does so smartly!) is create a giant wedge in the feminist movement. Women Against Feminism has created a perfect way to instigate infighting within the feminism women. Women Against Feminism tricks women into calling other women names. It tricks us into isolating women who do not feel aligned with feminism. Women Against Feminism is dividing the camps, and rather than creating dialogue with these women, rather than answering their concerns, Women Against Feminism creates a war between women who fight for feminism and women whose understanding of feminism is at odds with their personal beliefs.

If we were being smart about this (and we should be smart about this), rather than hissing and snarling at these women, we would have to admit that, hey, speaking up, as a woman – that takes courage. Voicing your unpopular opinion, utilizing your freedom of speech, despite the fact that people are calling you stupid or selfish, in the face of personal attacks – isn’t that the very basis of feminism? Isn’t that what happened when we asked for the right to vote? When we wanted equal pay for equal work? When we burned our bras? Ladies, we’ve been here before. But, unfortunately, this time, we are our own oppressors.

women against feminism

And, no, I’m not saying that I personally agree with these women or what they have to say. Some of those handwritten papers – they make my stomach turn. But, you know what? Women Against Feminism is the most honest critique of feminism that I have ever seen. The issues that they bring up – the misandry, the victim exalting, the condescension towards stay at home moms – these are real issues that we need to address. These are obvious chinks in our armor, and if these are issues that are ostracizing women, we need to ask ourselves what we can do to bring these women back into the fold. Because that’s the problem with feminism: it’s a movement that purports elevating 50% of the population, and within that 50% there are going to a wide array of opinions, beliefs and goals. There are certain political and religious beliefs that I find to be despicable and laughable, but feminism is for women. Regardless of their race or religion.

Ladies, we’re losing touch with the base. We’re doing something wrong. Women Against Feminism has become as popular as it is, and that’s a sign of something bad. We’re in the era of bell hooks, Lean In feminism, and what are we asking for here? Subversion of the patriarchy and the elevation of women. Feminism is a political movement, much like any other political movement, and we have to play by the rules. They’re coming for us, and they want to see us lose. We need to fucking fight. Remember: everything is deception, so we must be smarter than the next guy. Without a solid base, we’ve already lost the fight, so please stop alienating your fellow women by calling them stupid when they question what our movement is really about. Take it is an opportunity to convert a woman into a feminist, not an opportunity to wail uselessly on the internet. This is our time, so use your time wisely. You’re smarter than that, because I believe that women are intelligent creatures whose voices deserve to be heard, acknowledged, and respected. Go on, girl. You got this.

3 thoughts on “Women For Women Against Feminism

  1. This is a really good article. I was shocked to see these women posting such things thinking that those stereotypes were all that feminism was. I wanted to just tell these women that they have it all wrong that they’ve seen the wrong side of feminism but I know realize that that would just be ignoring real problems that this movement has. sadly no political movement is perfect and that needs to be addressed and actively taken care of. thanks for writing this.

  2. This is a lovely response to some of the shockingly uninformed (and as you mentioned, relevant issues) posted on WAF. It’s all about conversion, evolution, and education. Not further infighting. Whether they’ve internalized the male gaze, or simply find feminism useless, it’s up to us diehard believers to address their POV. Great post.

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