Witch Slut Swag For Summer

On this hallowed day, the blackest of Fridays, set your summer style intentions with swag from 10 of our favorite hex positive creatives. Support your sister witches and look hot AF in the process!

1Satanic Feminist tee


Express your deviant devotion to gender equality and unholy hags everywhere with Natt Skiftet‘s beloved Satanic Feminist shirt. This tee isn’t always available for purchase, but you can still snag one now before they disappear for good.

2 Dead Men Can’t Catcall patch


Noisey editor and all around badass Kim Kelly tipped us off to this bad girl must-have by Duchess of Dutches. Vengeance never looked so good…

3 Kawaii Satanic pins


Baby Baphomet and pastel pentagram pins? SQUEE! Thanks to Dirge Magazine for uncovering these Satanic cuties by Kate Logan.

4Wicked dangles


Rejoice in wickness! Necronomicharm offers an array of occult accoutrements in affordable jewelry form. Also, best. name. ever.

5Famous Witches tee


This joint by Modern Women honors a few of the artists and activists who changed art, witchcraft and gender equality forever: Grace Jones, Patti Smith, Sylvia Rivera, Starhawk, Annie Sprinkle, and Yoko Ono. Oh, and according to their site, a portion of every purchase will be donated to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project“!

6 Cult Sisters jewelry


Part of Brooklyn’s most excellent Ravenous Craft coven, Cult Sisters makes stunning, handmade occult-inspired pieces that will effortlessly claw their way into your daily wardrobe.

7 Black Phillip pin


Dana Glover’s wearable art is nearly worth selling your soul for. Her inimitable eye for all that witches desire includes this demonic goat pin aka the Black Phillip pin.

8 Stripper Sisterhood patch


Former Slut of the Month, author, comedian and Happy Slut Jacq the Stripper makes the sickest sex positive swag, which includes this Stripperhood patch combo. Also, read her fucking book.

9 Cozen NYC jewelry


Another member of the crush-worthy Ravenous Craft coven, Cozen NYC infuses dark and light, the delicate and the brutal to conjure some chilling adornments.

10 Slut panties


Just a touch of self-promotion, but we couldn’t resist. For the self-proclaimed sluts who want to reclaim, subvert, and celebrate the s-word, we’ve got some SUPER LIMITED RUN booty shorts in hot pink and white.