Witch Emoji: Infusing Magic Into Your Text Missives

Digital mystics rejoice! Gone are the days of using that purple crystal ball for every damn spell and witchy note you send via text, because Witch Emoji are here. And lest you think 80 delicious designs were drummed up by some dude bent on making a buck off of the contemporary witch renaissance, Pam Grossman—curator, teacher of magical practice, founder of Phantasmaphile, and author of What Is A Witch—is the Supreme who conjured the project into being.

“Companies like Apple keep announcing their latest emoji, but I’ve noticed that witches tend to be absent or else they really miss the mark design-wise,” Grossman tells Slutist. “I found it personally frustrating because I knew witch emoji would be something my friends and I would use all the time. So I decided to channel that energy into productivity, and make them myself, with the help of a super talented emoji designer Julia Heffernan, and so Witch Emoji was born.”

The emoji set, which features everything from grimoires, potions, and pentacles to witches flying via broomstick and casting spells, is slated to be updated in the future, with new additions to fill even more magical needs. When asked what her favorite witchmoji of the pack is thus far, Grossman picked the coven. “It was important to me that the entire pack include lots of different skin tones and feel representative of how diverse the community is. I think the coven emoji is a good signifier of that inclusive spirit,” she explains.

Within the first week, Witch Emoji has already shot to #1 in Apple’s App store, beating out the likes of Star Wars and Mickey Mouse. But is that really so surprising? “It speaks to how iconic witches are overall and how much they’re currently resonating with people of all ages, especially young women,” Grossman says. “Witches are the future!”

We couldn’t agree more.