When Sex Toys Aren’t Safe: A Public Cervix Announcement

If you just purchased a new pleasure tool from eBay or Amazon, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. A recent spate of counterfeit sex toys could be making your sex less than safe, according to Xbiz. Although Porn Guardian launched a new Product Piracy Pilot Program to crack down on counterfeiters, there are still some nasty fakes out there loaded with lord-knows-what. We asked sex toy exxxpert and blogger Epiphora to explain a bit more about why this situation is so dangerous, and what you can do to play smart.

“A highly-trained eye like mine can usually spot a knock-off sex toy, but regular consumers can’t. It’s short-changing everyone — from the original manufacturers whose designs are ripped off, all the way to the consumer, who gets an inferior product. The sex toy industry is unregulated, so it can actually be dangerous to your health to end up with a knock-off sex toy. At best, the toy could be made of a porous material that traps bacteria on its surface. At worst, it could contain phthalates, a family of chemicals which can cause vaginal infection and, according to some studies, reproductive issues and cancer.”

It’s worth it to be cautious with your cunt and only shop at reputable places – Epiphora suggests Early to Bed, Smitten Kitten, and The Tool Shed, “where the selection is carefully curated and only legitimate, body-safe toys are stocked.” Reading sex toy blogs like hers are the best way to know what’s what out there, and what’s safe. (And here are a few other top tier feminist retailers that you can check out as well.)