Werk Out Witches

If you told me there was a workout video where tough, fly-looking ladies in intergalactic cat prints and leg warmers made you feel like you were sweating (in spandex) for fun without buying into fitness industry body fascism, I wouldn’t have believed you. Enter Werk Out Palace, the Denver-based performance group that I discovered last October during their appearance in Oakland at Faux Real. Not only did they get an entire room of people dressed to the nines (guys, girls, drag queens) doing 80s style aerobics in unison, but they also completely sobered us all up after 45 minutes of twisting and grinding. After that night, I brought their “Core Realness” video back home to see if they could maintain their fabulosity on video, and they definitely delivered.

While this particular video is only 22 minutes, it gets the job done. The core is “an essential party of your body that you need, whether it’s getting in and out of your car, [or] lifting up a babe and bench pressing her or him or them over your head,” as the lead workout witch will tell you. And if you get into it and go along with the exercises, the ladies will leave time for freestyle and vogueing at strategic points throughout. You can enjoy “Core Realness” as a spectator and view it as an instructional piece of performance art, but it’s way more fun to put the Werk Out Palace to work.