UNTAME: A New Stag Mag For Your Ass

Untame is a new quarterly men’s magazine that promises to be filled with sex, art, hot chicks and plenty of asses – a smart stag mag for the 21st Century if you will. Although the first issue has yet to be printed, just a cursory look at their site, populated with images of Spinal Tap’s David St. Hubbins, a snake sliding across a naked body, Arnold Schwarzenegger in ballet class, and plenty of bodacious tatas makes us shiver with anticipation. We were so stoked on the idea of a wild ‘n free glossy like this that we had to get in touch with the women behind the scenes. Check out our brief interview with creators Wendi and Alessandra about their inspirations for the publication below, and if you’re so inclined, visit Untame‘s Indiegogo page to help get this shit on the road!

Can you give a little insight into the editorial/stylistic ethos behind the magazine?

Wendi: I like pictures that tell a story, I like sex, I like women, I like men, I like books, I like art, and I like butts. I know people who do so much rad shit. I wanted an outlet to put all of those things together in a tasteful way without compromising my or anyone else’s integrity. There are times where I can’t put words around what’s in my brain, so basically I made a magazine full of images and trademarked a made up word because I felt like that was the only word to describe it. I think there’s this notion that we have to tame or control the part of us that is just totally intense and wild, that if we act a certain way it will make all our shit go away – or that what people want and desire deep down is shameful or fucking bad. For me and those that are a part of this, we are totally embracing that.

Alessandra: Wendi came up with the tagline of Issue 1 randomly in a conversation which was “If You Can’t Hear Us, You’re Not Listening” which basically crushed what I had spent hours working on. I overthink everything, even my butt selfies. The idea behind the magazine is pretty obvious. It came together organically and it ended up being a throwback to a stag with refined aspects of what you would normally see in places like Hustler, Thrasher and Easyriders to zines like Touch & Go, MRR or Ben Is Dead. Wendi basically brought me the idea with a bow on it, and then we started building out the editorial together. It wasn’t until I was laying out the first spread and starting seeing how beautiful every little curve on every model was that I totally got it.

What can readers expect to find in the first issue?

Wendi: It’s awesome, fun and it’s beautiful. People will find something they’ve been craving but isn’t out there. I’m not reinventing the wheel here – I’m just making the ride more exciting and bettering the chances of getting road head. :)

Alessandra: It’s all smiles. We are celebrating life. So far, we’ve avoided fashion. There are no sad sack, black-cloaked cool kids in here but what you WILL see is stylish, happy babes, and features by artists and writers and adventurers who are amazing and insanely passionate.

What inspired you to want to make a magazine like this?

Wendi: Well I love Alessandra, and a few years ago I approached her about doing a zine. I had just started a band again so was doing that with most of my free time, and the zine never happened. So the short version of the story goes like this: Last Fall my Dad died. He was so rad, born weird in the nerd way. He didn’t give a fuck. Losing him has been a bitch. One morning I’m in the middle of grieving, doing Pop Physique (a barre thing I do) and I’m working my butt and I’m thinking how cool my Dad was – he had style and read magazines and books all the time. I’m thinking of that, and how rad men are and how hot healthy women are. I know that crying about my dad on all fours squeezing my glutes and staring at asses might be a lot to digest… but this is the story. Then I start thinking about this guy I like…I’ve liked him for years. And I’m noticing he follows all these hot yoga babes on Instagram – sexy, healthy women. I’m jumping around, but I come full circle. So I got home, got naked, was about to take a shower and contacted Alessandra because I never quite understood what she did, but she made it clear if I ever wanted to do anything let her know, and I was ready to do something. I wanted to make a magazine. A men’s magazine filled with the kinda shit I like. And my first description of it to her was “yoga babes.” But it has definitely evolved from there. We rattled off every name of writer, musician, artist we felt embodied UNTAME and started to contact ’em. So here we are.


Wendi Marissa is a spawn of the Washington, DC riot grrrl scene. An outspoken trailblazer on the cultural vanguard since the age of 8, Wendi Marissa’s nothing-to-lose nothing-to-prove tone and delivery will inform the UNTAME voice. She is a trained ballerina and actively involved in barre and yoga in her home of Los Angeles.


Alessandra DeBenedetti is the Creative Director of UNTAME. She co-runs 23 WLVS with her partner Max G Morton and works as the co-director of Wallplay, a creative agency in NYC where she was born and raised.

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