The Harder Side of Sears

The ‘harder’ side of Sears seems to have been uncovered by activist and pornstar Buck Angel on Instagram today. A simple search for “Elegant Moments” on the Sears website will reveal waxed gentlemen wearing an array of leather gear cleverly hidden amidst sexed-up Halloween costumes for women. Studded leather collars with chains, O ring harness sets and zip crotch banana hammocks sit side by side with Minnie Mouse, referee and animal outfits without any indication as to exactly what kind of Halloween ‘look’ such items might help a man achieve.


One can only hope these ‘Elegant Moments’ will last throughout the year, and not be snuffed out when the Halloween season comes to a close next month. As Sears has been an “under the radar” champion of gay rights for decades with a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Workplace Equality Index (same sex partners receive the same benefits as opposite sex partners, and the company helps to underwrite medical care for trans workers), the odds are high that these treats are here to stay.