The Female As Wild

In fall of 2015, I had the opportunity to teach an introductory course to New School freshman based upon Slutist’s music, art and burlesque festival, Legacy of the Witch. For a final project, students created visual interpretations of the witch as a feminist icon: this short film and artistic statement conjured by Samia Finnerty and Elisabeth O’Driscoll is one of the results.

“When we view our minds and bodies as supernatural, we reclaim spaces, fluids, and flesh that has been degraded for centuries. Women are generally encouraged to be easy to swallow. The force within us that others are scrambling to censor signifies our power and continuous potential. The parts of us declared dirty are some of our greatest assets. Despite efforts to stigmatize, shame, and purify us, we will not assimilate. The tools of our attempted destruction and forced submission are the same that built a society rooted in fear, suppression, and self-denial. In each of us waits a concealed and deadly weapon, eager to be yielded.”

Samia Finnerty is a musician/student living in New York. When she’s not creating feminist art for Kristen Korvette’s Legacy of the Witch class, she is wailing and jumping around with her band SAMIA.
Instagram: @missssamia

Elisabeth O’Driscoll is a student living in New York. She hopes to continue to create works of writing, photography, and performance based in the exploration of female identity and sexuality.
Instagram: @vulgarlady