STRIPTASTIC!: A Celebration Of Dope A$$ Cvnts Who Like Money

Author, stand up comic, and stripper Jacqueline Frances is the new patron saint of young, enterprising sluts. A rainmaker both inside and outside the club, Frances, AKA Jacq The Stripper, is best known for her incisive, hilarious memoir, The Beaver Show, and for the addictively witty drawings depicting strip club life that she posts regularly online. Now, she needs our help on Kickstarter to release these powerful vignettes in book form to further spread the gospel of happy sluts.

STRIPTASTIC! is an “illustrated hard-cover celebration of dope-ass cunts who like money,” but it is also an empowering collection of tales that uncover and challenge both sex work stigma and the patriarchal bullshit every woman deals with on the daily. The book isn’t only about Jacq’s experiences, however, and includes the voices of over 300 strippers in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia who shared their stories with her. Expect everything from passages on economic theory and the Gladwellian philosophy of the “tipping point” of a lap dance (“strippers understand business like nobody else,” after all) to stories of revenge farts emitted in secret — or at a customer’s request.


Above all, STRIPTASTIC! will immerse its readers in the unique universe of the strip club, a place with more “real world” parallels than many civilians care to realize.

“The world is one giant strip club without security,” Jacq explains. “The club is my own personal utopia because I’m safe there. It’s a microcosm of how society works. Patriarchy reigns, women are to be consumed, and women are also able to capitalize on that. It’s also like big brother, because there’s CCTV everywhere. Someone’s always watching, so you never feel unsafe, but you also have to watch your shit and not fuck up. There’s bouncers leering in all the corners, making sure you don’t get raped and killed. If something happens in real life that’s hard for me to deal with and hard for me to figure out how to proceed, I literally am like, “If this happened in the club, what would I do?”

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy a Slutist exclusive from Jacq’s book about how to be a feminist patron at a strip club that she also made into a handy (and free) downloadable zine!

And for more mic drop moments that spin the wisdom Jacqueline Frances has gleaned from years of stripping, writing, and making people laugh into sex positive gold, help make STRIPTASTIC! a reality.

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Images Credits: Jacqueline Frances