Songs That Lead To Sex: A Slutist Playlist

Setting the mood for sexual activity is common. Sure spontaneous sex is super fun, but adding some sexy tunes definitely enhances the experience. When it comes to making love, we often turn to romantic love jamz by artists like Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Boyz II Men. Love making music is a whole other affair, so if that is what you are looking for, click the (x) button right now!

Some would agree with about metal music being out of the question when it comes to getting kinky. Sure it’s out of the question, if you’re a humdrum bore. To prove them wrong, I added a treat to Slutist’s Top 15 List of Songs That Lead to Sex. Whether you are into rap or 80’s pop songs, you will definitely relate to something on this top 15 list.

So what type of songs can lead to sex or sexual activity? Those that insinuate all the good stuff like cunnilingus, fellatio, and just plain ol’ fucking. Behold! Here is an hour and ten minutes worth of cum-dripping, lip-biting, ass bouncin’ fun! (Those moments I sat at home listening to NIN’s ‘Closer’ when I was 15 certainly paid off!)

1. Basement Jaxx- Get Me Off (2002 Remix)
2. Ludacris- What’s Your Fantasy
3. Rob Zombie- Pussy Liquor
4. Marilyn Manson- Tainted Love
5. Rihanna- Cockiness (I love it)
6. George Michael- I Want Your Sex
7. Madonna- Erotica
8. Meek Mill (Featuring Trey Songz & Wale)- Face Down
9. Kiss- Love Gun
10. R. Kelly- Bump n’ Grind
11. Mayhem- Chainsaw Gutsfuck
12. Revolting Cocks- Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
13. John Legend- Made To Love
14. Lords Of Acid- I Sit On Acid (2002 Digital Remix)
15. NIN- Physical

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