Slutist Turns 1: Thanks For Coming!

Slutist turns 1 this week and we wanted to thank all of our readers and contributors for a wild ride of a year! If there were only enough kittens and bottles of lube to send to everyone…As we continue to grow our brand of intersextional feminism (15 writers and counting!) we thought it would be useful to reconfirm our views on a few different issues. So without further ado:

Slutist DOES NOT advocate for any one position, because all women do not occupy the same position.
Slutist DOES NOT want to force “slut” into anyone’s mouth, but strives for an active, informed subversion of the term.
Slutist DOES NOT define the world in rigid binaries of slut/prude, beauty/brains, masculine/feminine and style/substance, but looks to explore the nuanced gray areas.

Slutist DOES believe satire and humor are vital tools for thoughtful feminist dialogue.
Slutist DOES love constructive criticism and dissenting opinions, and welcomes them on the site and in our comments.
Slutist DOES strive to show a breadth of lived experiences and viewpoints through our diverse set of writers, because sex positive feminism is useless if only presented and advocated from one perspective!

Expect a few surprises in the next couple months, we laaaahv you <3

5 thoughts on “Slutist Turns 1: Thanks For Coming!

  1. No t-shirt for me, because you know I don’t wear them, BUT I am happy to be the first to congratulate you on your blog. I have loved it from day one. Keep on truckin’!

  2. huh. I just posted a comment, but didnt show up. I REALLY want that tote/ free advertising for you! £0£

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