The Slutist Tarot Needs Your Help To Become A Reality!

After months of blood, sweat, and magick, The Slutist Tarot by Morgan Claire Sirene is nearly a reality! Consider supporting our Kickstarter and buying a deck + extra goodies to cover printing costs for our mystical celebration of sex positivity that centers femmes, sexual deviants, divine whores and curious maidens.

Read on for the ethos and inspiration behind Morgan’s stunning, sex positive deck:


My intention is to tell the story of The Fool through the archetype of The Maiden. The Maiden is a femme identified young person, but anyone can identify with her. In the classic tarot narrative, a querent is expected to identify with cis male archetypes — regardless of their own gender identity — and similarly, The Slutist Tarot asks it’s querent to find their own divine feminine.

In the Slutist Tarot’s narrative, The Maiden is hungry for experiences but has little foresight and she is prone to mistakes driven by desire and ego. Like Alice, she meets different archetypes along her journey who can both help and hurt her as she grows and learns about herself and the world around her. She learns that there is both chaos and harmony in sex magick, and the journey leads her from one state to the next.


In her journey, she is driven by hedonism and has hearts for eyes as the world expands around her (The Fool); she discovers her own bodily autonomy and sex magick (The Magician); she transforms herself through a myriad of experiences and influences (The High Priestess through Temperance); she finds herself in toxic and dangerous situations whether with people or substances (The Devil); she discovers that the chaos magick she’s been brewing has forced her to sacrifice everything, and she sees all the excitement and pleasure come crashing down (The Tower). From rock bottom, she looks up remembering her strength and the power of her sexuality (The Star); she faces her trauma (The Moon); and through divination and self-love she is able to heal and stand up strong (The Sun). In the end, she realizes that she is a part of everything else, as she sees the world reflected in her rather than herself reflected in others (The World).


This deck is meant to be both erotic and representational — not just for daringly promiscuous sex witches, but also for those who devote themselves to monogamous relationships or abstain from sex all together, because we acknowledge that “sexual liberation” is an all encompassing power to make choices about one’s own sex life. The Slutist Tarot aims to put a woman’s voice behind eroticism, and to create images of people on the feminine spectrum in a way that we believe honors their sexualities.


The Slutist Tarot aims to put a woman’s voice behind eroticism, and to create images of people on the feminine spectrum (with a few precious masculine and male identified exceptions) in a way that we believe honors their sexualities. — Morgan Claire Sirene

Image Credits: Morgan Claire Sirene, graphic design by Sonia Ortiz