Six Feminist Hairstyles For Summer: From The Donita To The Lupita

We’ve already spent some time discussing cunt coiffures, so what about good old-fashioned head hair? Try out one of these sharp feminist cuts to bring the heat AND beat it during the summer months:

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.41.43 PM

The Wangechi

Screw a purse. Keep your keys in an airtight orb above your head. Long-haired cats take note – bigger buns are better.


The Tristan

Serving stern and salacious secretary realness. If showering and the occasional blow-dry gets you off, this slick bob easily transforms business to pleasure. A summer classic.


The Jenny

Military bitch. In line and looking fine, but be prepared to get up close and personal with the clippers.


The Lupita

Mostly for the really really really ridiculously good looking.


The Soo

Cool on top, toasty on the sides. Sweat may pool in your eyes without your furry safety nets, but it’s worth it for the extra eyeliner space.


The Donita

If you cut your own hair with kitchen scissors you probably don’t give a fuck what season it is. Sweat in it, smoke in it, cum in it. Tease the shit out of it or leave it flat and greasy. It’s just fucking hair.