Sexy Priests

Word just got out that the Vatican may be rethinking the celibacy vow for priests. In honor of this news, Slutist made a short list of the sexy priests who bring us to our knees.

Stigmata – Gabriel Byrne is smoldering as Father Andrew Kiernan, particularly during the pre-exorcism kiss with the possessed Patricia Arquette.

To The Devil A Daughter – Christopher Lee aligns with Satan in this horror masterpiece and seduces an 18-year-old nun (Natassja Kinski) into his demonic plot.

Sex and the City – In Season 4 Episode 1, Costas Mandylor plays a hot local priest who becomes the fodder for Samantha’s solo afternoon delight.

Archbishop Georg Ganswein – Dubbed the “George Clooney of St. Peter’s” and “Gorgeous George”, real life priest Archbishop Georg Ganswein made the cover of Italian Vogue and fans the flames of Catholics and Protestants alike.


And if you’re in the mood for more, this tumblr has it all. (Apologies to my Catholic family.)