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As a practicing witch and all around sex enthusiast, I honestly cannot think of anything better than a line of sex toys made out of crystals. Or rather, sexual wellness items, since using sacred stones to stimulate your body and engage with pleasure could only be a healthy and beneficial thing. During my many visits to occult & holistic shops throughout the years, I’ve found myself fantasizing on more than one occasion about masturbating with the various phallic shaped sacred stones that I’ve held in my hands. Don’t act like you never have! Witch, please.

I feel like I’ve always been aware of an intrinsic connection between sex and magic. The more that I explore eroticism and the occult, the more this intuitive feeling has become a more practical reality for me. There is a space we travel to when we are engaging in sexual activity, either alone or in the company of another/others, that can only be described as sacred. The mundane and tedious details of life begin to melt away as your blood begins to pump faster and the hormones swirl inside of you. Of course, there is that blissful, cloud-floating, time stopping experience that comes at the height of an orgasm. But if you can learn to focus on and stretch the time spent in erotic space leading up to a climax, to harness all of that energy and direct it toward something higher than the end game orgasm itself, things start to get more interesting. The orgasms can last longer. The transcendence achieved at that pivotal moment doesn’t have to slip away so easily. It can be contained, manipulated, stored, reused. It’s energy.

Energy is what scientists throughout the ages have studied and harnessed in order to propel society into the modern age and energy is what makes crystals so sacred to so many people. Crystals are vessels for and containers of unbelievable amounts of energy, just like metals such as copper and aluminum are conductors for electricity. So imagine the extreme excitement I felt when I discovered a small New York based company called Chakrubs who actually specializes in the manufacturing of sex toys…MADE OUT OF CRYSTALS. I immediately contacted the owner, a delightful woman named Vanessa Cuccia, seeking more information.

As I began to have an email exchange with Vanessa at 1 AM or whatever time it was, I realized that I was suddenly brimming with energy and excitement. This isn’t someone I just wanted to do a line for line interview with and this isn’t a line of products I just wanted to test out and review for the sake of money and readership. I realized that this would be an ongoing process and a relationship that had the potential to really blossom the more that we spoke. But of course, I needed to get some basic details first. So rather than boring her with the same lazy, regurgitated questions that 99% of interviewers tend to ask their interviewees, I did the noble thing; a google search.

Having a connection with crystals and spiritual energy that traces back to her childhood, Vanessa found herself amongst the company of crystal gurus and enthusiasts in her adult life. Sometime in 2011 while working at a sex shop and studying crystals in her free time, the philosophical and mechanical aspects of the two worlds collided in Vanessa’s mind and so the seed idea for Chakrubs was sewn.

Chakrubs are body-safe and handcrafted out of 100% PURE crystals; no filler, all killer.

– Custom rose quartz dildos
– Rose quartz eggs used for strengthening vaginal and bladder muscles
– 7” sex toys in varying widths made out of rose quartz, green, blue and orange aventurine, black onyx and white jade

$45 – $375


Now that we have the basics covered, I brought up some more in-depth topics of discussion relative to the purpose of Chakrubs while talking with Vanessa. Here is what she had to say:

On Goddess Energy & The Metaphysical
“I believe goddess energy is the embodiment of all – the light the dark, the joy and the sorrow – and I like to infuse creative works with that ideal. I must say I truly began to experience it when I was getting a massage from a woman at a hot spring retreat with my boyfriend at the time. She turned away from me and told me though she’d never done this for anyone before, she was receiving guidance to show me. She told me to follow what she was doing. I was naked, and she instructed me to straddle the massage table. She was turned around, so she wasn’t inappropriate or anything. She had me follow this dance, and was saying things that really struck me. I felt such intense energy in myself, I felt such deep, deep sorrow and such blissful joy. At the end of the dance, she turned to me and said, “Isn’t it great when she shows up?” Not really being familiar with goddess energy before, I knew what she meant. She meant Goddess Energy. That’s what I had just experienced. After the massage I came out and said to my boyfriend who had also gotten a massage, “Wasn’t that super intense?” He shrugged his shoulders. That experience was just for me.

But I’ve been no stranger to the metaphysical world before that. When I was very young my mother went through a paranormal experience that lead her to become very clairvoyant, channeling spirits of the deceased and giving messages to people on the grocery lines. Since I was a little girl there was mystery around me, and I was afraid, and maybe still am, of seeing what my mother saw.

I’ve closed myself off to much of the spiritual realm as it was frightening and confusing to me when I was a little girl. But I know that it’s there – and I know I can tap into it. I’ve made a pact that I will receive guidance through my dreams as a way to be in tune but to protect myself from fear (I know there’s nothing to be afraid of), but it works for me.”

Why Crystals?
“Crystals are something magical I can touch. They are simply stunning and I can feel the energy pulsing through them into my hand when I hold them. With everything my mother went through and my family went through, and it being something so ethereal and mysterious, I prefer to practice my spirituality in very practical ways. And I know for many crystals don’t seem practical, but to me it is clear the magic they hold. The answer to so many issues as humans who have lost their way – if you want to be visible, you have to feel visible. We can move energy around us, we can project our hearts. Crystals make sense to me. They are grounded, they come from the earth.

I wanted to have crystals inside. In my mouth, in my bra, in my pussy. It felt like an urge to have my body be filled with crystal. It was only when I saw the crystal wand at the house of my spirit friend’s friend when I had the “aha” moment to masturbate with crystals.”

Why THESE Crystals?
“To create Chakrubs, I had to find crystals that had hardness levels of 7 or higher on the MoHs scale, and that form in large enough clusters to be able to carve into chakrubs. When I found which ones had these requirements, I then researched the metaphysical properties of the stones to see if it would make sense to use as a Chakrub.”

Femme Icons:
“Cleopatra, Marina Abramovic, Frida Kahlo, the Goddess Hathor and Kali, Lilt and Mary Magdalene.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 11.42.28 AM

Isn’t she lovely? My experience with the Chakrub I received has been equally so.

I decided to order the Original Black Onyx for myself, which is one of the 7” phallic objects that has a width of about 1.5”. I was intuitively drawn to this product before reading about it in the product info because I went through a divorce last year and since I know black onyx to be helpful in the release negative emotions. After reading the information provided on the Chakrubs website and speaking with Vanessa, my intuitions were confirmed. Using a sexual well-being instrument comprised of black onyx can help with overcoming past relationships, transforming negative energy, reclaiming your sexual space and easing tension in the root chakra and the surrounding/correlating sex organs.

It arrived in a beautifully ornamented package, complete with an introductory photo booklet and a satin pouch for safe keeping. I immediately noticed how reflective and dense my shiny new black onyx dildo was. It felt like staring into a deep pool of pristine black water, which is the effect that onyx tends to have on me in general. However, there is something about the weight and shape of this crystal that makes the gaze more hypnotic. After I’d stare at/into it for a sufficient amount of time, the next thing I did was wash it gently with warm water and lavender soap and cleared it with sage before placing it on my altar to charge with some other crystals for 24 hours. After my Chakrub was saged, cleaned and charged, I began meditating with it, placing it over the second chakra, which corresponds to the genitals. I find that it is important to connect with crystals on a physical level, as they respond to the energy in touch the way that plants respond to and thrive with the vibrations of sound. After about a week I felt ready to use my Chakrub during masturbation.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 11.42.05 AM

The first time, much like any sexual first, had me feeling a little nervous. I wanted to make sure I was doing it “right”, whatever that means, and getting the most out of the experience. Because I am a hardcore lingerie fetishist, I put on some of my sensual best and started playing with myself as I held the chakrub close to my body for a while to make sure it was nice and warm before I started using it. It is made of onyx, after all, so it is cold to the touch until it warms up with body heat. I don’t generally feel the need to use lubrication since my body tends to over-lubricate on its own. I felt a jolt of energy as I entered myself with the chakrub, almost as if I had just been accidentally shocked but in a gentler way. It slid into me with a graceful ease and I felt my vaginal muscles immediately tighten around it in a welcoming embrace. I stimulated my clit occasionally with my left hand as I moved the chakrub in and out of me and in circular, pulsing motions inside of me with my right, but I found that clitoral stimulation was not altogether necessary the way that it usually is during masturbation. There is something about this sexual instrument that calls for a more focused and intimate usage. Within 10 minutes my face was flushed and tingling and within another 5 I was at the point of climax. Though I was of course tempted to rush for the orgasm the moment I felt it pulling for me, I resisted in order to prolong and intensify the experience. I removed the chakrub from inside of me and focused on my breath for a few minutes. Then I resumed.

It only took about 20 minutes before I felt the climax coming again and this time, I let it consume me. The orgasm itself was one of the more intense I can recall in recent memory, as it was a deep vaginal one accompanied by a release of ejaculation fluid that was surprising to me (aka, A LOT). In the peak of the wave my entire body lurched and was suspended in a sort of reverse-crab position. I collapsed back down to the bed and left the chakrub inside of me for god knows how long as I reveled in the afterglow, both crying and laughing quietly to myself. It felt like an emotional weight had been lifted from me. A child-like lightness began to settle in as I came back down into my body.

I have returned to my chakrub for both meditation and masturbation in the weeks that have passed somewhat religiously since my initial orgasm experience. My relationship with and connection to this treasured object continues to evolve and deepen. The more I use it, the more my sexual and energetic baggage from past experiences with others seems to fall away from me. I know this has just as much to do with the onyx itself as it does with the intent poured into the making of these objects by the people at Chakrubs who hand carve and polish them. To anyone who values the exploration of sexuality, intimacy, energy and/or the metaphysical, I would recommend the use of a Chakrub to you.

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