Self-Pleasure In The Public Eye: Female Masturbation Onscreen

Thanks to BYU-Idaho’s ridiculous video comparing fallen soldiers with young men who fall prey to the pleasures of internet porn, we started fantasizing about some of our favorite movie masturbation moments. Culling through the non-porn jerk off scenes out there, it’s hard not to be extremely frustrated by the limited types of women self-pleasuring in most indie and mainstream films compared with the men depicted onscreen doing the same. That diversity discussion is, however, for a separate, much-needed expose, so into the blue we go! And lest you think we’ll be getting all warm apple pie on you, this one is ladies only.

Natalie Portman, Black Swan, 2010

Aubrey Plaza, The To Do List, 2013

Hilary Swank, Iron Jawed Angels, 2004

Joan Allen, Pleasantville, 1998

Allison Williams, “Girls”, 2012

Kim Basinger, 9 1/2 Weeks, 1986

Lara Flynn Boyle, The Temp, 1993

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