RIP Bunny Yeager: Photographic Provocateur and Cheesecake Icon

Legendary pinup photographer Bunny Yeager passed away yesterday at the age of 85. The New York Times published a substantial overview of her impact on cheesecake photography and visual art in their obituary, but Yeager’s aesthetic ingenuity is best captured in her groundbreaking self-portraiture and the fearless poses of her best-known subject, Bettie Page. Although Page may have been modeling for male admirers around the world, it was Yeager’s gaze behind the camera that propelled the two of them into the spotlight. The power-sharing creation dynamic between Yeager and Page initiated an alternate model for the eroticization of women in portraiture that shatters the exploitative, pandering methods that too often are the norm. RIP Bunny Yeager: you were a true champion of sexual freedom.





Bunny Yeager with Her Cameras (4)