Pole Burn: Into The Swing O’ Things

Pole Burn is an autobiographical series based on one woman’s experience as a stripper in New York City and Miami over a period of nearly seven years. Pole Burn traces her inner and outer misadventures as she is forced to confront people’s assumptions about sex workers as well as her own perception of others and herself. The format and tone of the series were inspired by the book The Dark Fields of Venus by Basile Yanovsky, M.D. and The Consumer by Michael Gira.

I’m getting into the swing of my new life as a stripper. My legs are no longer shaking uncontrollably when I get on stage. I did slip and fall right onto the edge of a stair while disembarking the stage the other night, so I now have a huge, black bruise spanning my butt crack. It’s attractive. I use it as a conversation starter.

I have a daily routine now: I leave for school at 8 am, do school from about 8 to 2 depending on what day it is, come home, nap ‘til 8, work ‘til 2, sleep til whateverthefuck, etc. etc. repeatrepeatrepeat. Some nights are good, some are slow. It’s just how it is. It all kinda evens out, and it still averages better than my office job. More exciting, too, I guess.

I wear the same red, plaid schoolgirl skirt and white button-up shirt tied at my waist every night. Some girls in the locker room noticed – cuz, you know, getting judged by bitches is…hilarious. And humbling. But I would be loathe to invest any of my hard earned money back into this silly charade.

The girls, in truth, are pretty nice. I shouldn’t call them bitches. They’re funny. Last Wednesday, this one, a tall, gorgeous Bahamian woman was bent over her phone laughing hysterically watching homemade porn videos. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a female genuinely enjoying porno before! Turns out she and her boyfriend drive around in a van picking up unsuspecting johns who want to fuck her but it turns out it’s all filmed, like a hardcore Candid Camera- ha!

Another funny/weird thing happened. Some guy friends have been coming in, Christ Almighty, and have been fucking tipping me! They even got into a tipping battle where they were throwing money at me. What are the ethics of keeping tips your friends give you? I’m too nice for this shit. But whatever, I was naked. Also this girl-woman-friend has been coming in almost every night and tipping. She’s very pretty with dark, straight hair, pale skin and clear blue eyes which settle on you and unsettle you. She seems nice.