Morgan Claire Sirene’s Raw & Refreshing Feminist Zines

If you made it to Legacy of the Witch this past March, you might have had the pleasure of hearing actress Sara Crow perform a reading of artist/writer Morgan Claire Sirene‘s “Open Letter To Brigitte Bardot.” The text is raw and explicit, emotionally honest and funny — we thought it was a perfect way to open an evening of burlesque and music. If you didn’t catch the act, you can now read Morgan’s piece with 9 pages of visual stimulation in zine form. She also created a 14 page zine entitled “Year of the Scape Goat,” which is a creation myth and magic-infused musing on misogyny, violence, double standards, and female sexuality. These works are well worth the $8 including shipping (just email her at and she will include a feminine power spell, too). We asked Morgan about her inspiration for these handmade gems and here’s what she had to say:

My inspiration was in wanting to have a tangible way to move my work — everything I’ve ever done has been DIY and self guided which can sometimes feel like being in a dark room with a million toys. There’s a lot to work with and it’s a lot of fun, but ultimately these endeavors can feel dead ended or impossible to expose to larger audiences. I was on a panel discussion May 10th at Northwestern University with the Ladydrawers for a literary conference and the other individuals on the panel with me encouraged me to “print out your writing, staple it together and sell it.”

That’s kind of exactly what the work ends up looking like which is kind of a funny “fuck you” to a more refined production, which would require a lot more money and skills I don’t have. “Year of the Scapegoat” is kind of intentionally shitty, it’s a pretty angry piece. I put together a collage the night before from what remained of my collection, wrote in my own bad hand writing, printed it all off like shit and stapled it together. “Open Letter to Brigitte Bardot” is an old piece that I’ve revised a few times (recently for Legacy of the Witch) and is one I put a little more thought into (and looks much cleaner). All the collages and illustrations in that zine were made by me either when I was 21 and reflecting on a traumatizing abortion experience I had, or from a book I made while living in Brooklyn. I’m really proud of some of these things, it felt good to repurpose them and hopefully show them to more people.