Merry XMas From Yours Cruelly

Happy Holidaze from Slutist! Our Christmas came early this year when we found a cheeky new Christmas interview with Elvira, Mistress of our Hearts. Unfortunately, this is not an original Q+A (we wish!) but one stolen from Parade (of all places). It also happens that our New Year’s resolution is to be more Elvira-like, particularly now that we know her secrets for eternal youth that she shared with us in person last October (!). So here it is, ripped from the family tabloids so you don’t have to navigate their remarkably mundane site.

Everyone knows that you are the Queen of Halloween. But I’m curious– how do you celebrate Christmas?

I make a big list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, then give the naughty ones presents!

Have you ever worn your Elvira costume to a Christmas party?

Of course, Darling. I always wear it! Black is perfect for every holiday!

What Christmas movie is your favorite?

Without a doubt, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)! This flick is part goofball comedy, part sci-fi and part just plain BAD! Watch this and you’re sure to have a very scary Christmas and…Unpleasant Dreemz…