Menstrual Moments

Spanish performance collective Sangre Menstrual made crimson waves this spring after taking to the streets in white clothes stained with their freshly discarded uterine linings to fight stigma and shame surrounding women’s bodies. Last week, a show opened at the Leslie + Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art featuring Zanele Muholi’s digital collages of menstrual bloodstains that address “curative rape” and hate crimes that South African lesbians have endured. From Judy Chicago’s “Menstruation Bathroom” in 1972 to Carina Úbeda’s “Paños” exhibition in 2013, menstrual blood is always having a moment. These are a few of our favorite ways that women have made the best of their monthly bounty.

1. Donita Sparks launches tampon into crowd, steals hearts

2. Menstruation Barbie reigns supreme


3. Carrie’s first time

4. Zanele Muholi‘s “Isilumo siyaluma (Period Pains)”


5. Sangre Menstrual protests period stigma


6. Judy Chicago’s “Menstruation Bathroom”


7. Genesis B‘s “Tampons and Tylenol”

8. So. Many. Tampon. Delivery. Services.


9. Period stories from YM’s “Say Anything” (if yr over 25 you know you miss these…)


10. Fuck Yeah Neon Leopard Print Tampons


Main image: Menstruation Barbie

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