Legacy of the Witch Set Times

I. Setting The Intention

6:00pm Songs For The Spirits
6:15pm Pam Grossman
6:30pm Karyn Crisis
6:45pm Q&A

II. Invocation

7:15pm Introduction
7:25pm Sara Crow & Morgan Sirene
7:35pm The Reverend Mother Flash
7:45pm Dangrrr Doll
7:55pm Minx Arcana
8:05pm Hether Fortune
8:20pm Delphic Oracle
9:00pm Chicava HoneyChild
9:10pm Severely Mame
9:20pm Legs Malone
9:30pm Azar Swan
10:00pm Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of the Witches

III. Release

11:00pm DJ Jeralyn

Tarot Readings by Cat Cabral available in the bar 7-9pm
Ritual Design Workshops by Emily Tepper available 7-9
Palm Readings by Darcey from Tarot Society available 8-10
(All readings free of charge but please tip your intuitives!)

A portion of sales from merchandise at the Slutist booth will be donated to RAINN.

Shop The Black Rabbit booth and our visual art show for more aesthetic embodiments of the divine feminine and the witch.

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