Legacy of the Witch: A Slutist Feminist Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that Slutist will be celebrating its 2nd birthday with a mini-festival of music, art, and burlesque on March 29th at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Originally, we thought a blow out bash celebrating sex positive feminist ideals expressed through a diverse collection of art and artists would be enough, but when we looked closer at our desired participants, they all had something in common: the witch.

Whether explicitly identifying as witches or weaving neo-pagan aesthetics into their work, all the women involved in the fest embrace the witch archetype in unique ways. It was a thread we couldn’t deny, and so we decided to go with it. Historically, women were branded as witches to police their sexuality and diminish their power in the same way that men (and women) today use the s-word to single out and punish women who challenge the patriarchal status quo. We hope to bring these parallel discourses to light over the course of the night. Each artist involved in the event will be revealed over the upcoming months accompanied by a special feature. Much more to come…


This is the first of 3 unique posters for Slutist Fest by the brilliant CozCon, inspired by Albrecht Durer’s “The Four Witches.”