Legacy of the Witch 2: A Manifesta + Artist Lineup

As a mesmeric symbol of female power and persecution, the witch reigns supreme. Her ubiquity in film, fashion, art, and literature is not merely a trend, but speaks to a hunger for archetypes and belief systems beyond patriarchal bounds. Similar to the way the word “slut” is used to police and punish women today, the word “witch” was used to ostracize and abuse women who failed to fall in line for hundreds of years. And as women strive to harness bodily autonomy and self-actualize against the odds, the witch remains an aspirational entity that taps into the primal need for both agency and community in a world which fears female power.

In light of these connections, Slutist’s second Legacy of the Witch Festival at Saint Vitus seeks to celebrate the witch as a historical icon and as a fully fleshed identity that people of all genders embrace and embody through a variety of diverse practices. Our evening of music, burlesque, visual art, and performance art will revel in the pagan, the profane, ecstatic transgression and unsung female forces in a communal gathering welcome to all.

In recognition of the abuse that too many still endure today, Slutist will donate a portion of the proceeds from the limited edition merch and art by local artists on sale to RAINN, a non-profit that helps survivors of rape, abuse, and incest — regardless of gender. Last year we not only raised $1,000 for this vital charity, but threw a pretty wicked party in the process. We look forward to conjuring more thrills and one-of-a-kind experiences this year, and are eternally grateful for the artists who have chosen to participate in Legacy of the Witch 2.



Wax Idols
Sabbath Assembly
Void Vision


The Reverend Mother Flash
Bunny Buxom
Dangrrr Doll
Miss Lana Monroe
Stage Familiar: Hera Sthetique


Gretchen Heinel & Luna Duran
Legacy Fatale
Morgan Claire Sirene
Elena Kanagy-Loux


Gretchen Heinel


Tarot Society
Cat Cabral


Dana Glover
Heretical Sexts
Cult Sisters
Cozen NYC
Touch Me Vegan Skincare

Poster design by Coz Con, inspired by Remedios Varo’s “To Be Reborn.”

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