Knifesex’s Deipna: Songs For Dance And Devotion

Conjuring evocative post-industrial noisescapes for ritual and ecstatic dance, Knifesex‘s Deipna is a feast for the senses. Named after Hekate’s dark moon ritual supper, Vanessa Irena’s new 3-song-EP is both an offering to the goddess, and a hypnotic, pulsating paean for us. We asked Irena—who is also the producer/vocalist of The Harrow, founder of female solo electronic musician collective Hathor, and co-founder of New Jack Witch—for insight into her release:

“Essentially, ‘Mother’ was written as a purification ritual or as a means to create sacred space (hence the earth, air, fire, water lyrics). All three tracks were created for ecstatic dance since that’s a big part of my practice, which is why the music is specifically drum heavy, bodily, and the vocals are repetitive like chanting.”

“‘Blood from Stone’ specifically uses more ‘earthy’ rhythms because I use it for dance practice more focused on the primal, ego soul (or fetch or whatever you want to call it), so it involves dancing while naked and also rolling on the ground like a snake lol.”

“The Tori Amos cover was originally created for a RAINN benefit comp, but I included ‘Me And A Gun’ here as well because a lot of my practice has focused around reclaiming my body and sexuality after sexual shame from a Catholic upbringing and also being a survivor of rape and childhood sexual abuse.”

Deipna is now available for free download over at New Jack Witch.