Kitten Natividad: Superstar of Sexploitation

Kitten Natividad is a pleasure polymath. Over the past fifty years she’s been an adult film star, two time Miss Nude Universe, Burlesque Hall of Famer, and longtime collaborator and partner of director Russ Meyer. Although Kitten’s incomparable assets and joie de vivre made her a superstar of the Sexploitation genre and she graced screens and magazines around the world, her full story has yet to be told.

Inspired by Kitten’s storied career, director (and former burlesque performer) Tracy Ashbourne set out to create an “intimate yet comedic” documentary which employs interviews, archival footage, and animation to help tell her story. The project is currently in its final week of funding on Kickstarter, so every little bit of support counts to help get this film made! Kitten was gracious enough to answer a few questions about her extraordinary career for us, too. Check out our Q&A after the jump:

Who were your sex icons growing up? What inspired you to become a performer?

Well my sex icons were Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Natalie Wood. I like that childlike look in Bridgette and love the sweetest of Natalie and the womanly of Sophia. They were it for me.

If you had to choose 3 highlights of your professional career, what would they be?

Being in Bikini Walks. Where hundreds of men line up to see me and follow me back to the club or the theater and I would pack the place so I would do a great performance. I loved doing live performances. It was so fabulous. The others were when I would go to screenings of my films with Russ Meyer and the fans were showing us so much love. The last highlight is being in front of the camera. I knew then that it would be forever so I really wanted to do the best I could and I would get into the scene or role and it felt like I was that person.

Part of the goal of this film is to secure your legacy and visibility as a performer, what do you most hope viewers will take away from your story?

I want them to take away that dreams do come true. Really, a Mexican girl from Juarez, Chiguagua Mexico coming here and being recognized all over the world is so fabulous and hooking up with a movie icon who did movies on big breasted women and becoming his lover for over 12 yrs was just the cherry on top. I remember when I was just a skinny little kid… Who knew.