Tomorrow, Sunday, November 4th, is known in NYC as Marathon Sunday, and as we cheer on the spirit of the masses of runners, there is another phenomenal fundraising event of people pushing their bodies to the extreme in the form of [K]INK OUT, a fetish fundraiser being staged in response to SESTA/FOSTA, and celebrating the artistry and intersection of the tattoo, kink, and sex worker communities.

[K]INK OUT, held on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 at Lot45 in Bushwick, Brooklyn from 3-11pm, has garnered the participation of over 70 international tattoo artists and a stellar cast of NYC BDSM practitioners and offers on-site flash tattoos by nine local tattooists, as well as bootblacking, kink experiences, and rope bondage performances. Longer tattoo sessions are up for bid in a silent auction, and prints and merchandise will be on sale as well.

Onsite tattoo artists include Kati Vaughn, KD Diamond, kpham, Mitus Andronica, Monikka Velvet, Ariel W., Childish Rebellion, Christina Gemora and Marian Machismo. Tattoos and artworks, donated by popular artists such as Tamara Santibañez, Johnny Gloom, Curtis Montgomery, Justin Weatherholtz, and Taticompton (to name just a few), are being auctioned and sold on the night. An A-list lineup of NYC Dominatrixes and kink tops are throwing down with floggers and whips at a seven-foot-high St. Andrew’s Cross. DaemonumX is performing rope bondage suspension and Mistress Couple plans to entrap a human inside a balloon. Fetish models are selling raffle tickets for prizes donated by our local pain and pleasure stores: Purple Passion, Pleasure Chest, and PleaseNY.

Though pre-book tickets have sold out, the [K]INK OUT team urge everyone to come: door admission is still available, as are opportunities to get flash tattoos, boots shines, and spanked!

All proceeds will support Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective and Fund (Lysistrata MCCF), a mutual care fund for sex workers whose livelihoods have been depleted and endangered due to the recent passing of SESTA/FOSTA, bills that take away the online resources sex workers use to work safely.

As mainstream society sneers at the sex industry, and disregards the violence escalating against the workers, those within sex work communities and allies are organizing and volunteering their time and labor to help one another. While most of the stereotypes about sex workers should be shredded, perhaps that which holds true is the heart of gold.

ABOUT SESTA/FOSTA: In April 2018, President Trump signed two bills, FOSTA and SESTA, into law. FOSTA/SESTA were created to fight online sex trafficking. Amnesty International and the FBI have proclaimed that the shut down of these online resources are actually detrimental to their ability to help sex-trafficked victims and the tracking of perpetrators of violence and exploitation. The online tools and platforms which consensual sex workers depended on to survive have been shut down one by one since the bill came into law, immediately compromising the livelihoods and safety of marginalized individuals in the sex trade. This forces individuals to work in unsafe conditions and has had a direct impact on the sex worker community.

ABOUT LYSISTRATA MCCF: LysistrataMCCF (https://www.lysistratamccf.org) is a recently formed mutual care collective and fund based in NYC. Managed by current and former sex workers, the intent of this emergency fund is to support the most vulnerable people in the sex industry and to give the community a place to turn when they are facing hardships. While not a traditional 501c3 org, LysistrataMCCF offers direct peer-to-peer financial support to individuals in immediate need whose livelihoods and physical safety have been compromised by the passing of FOSTA/SESTA.

THE [K]INK OUT EVENT TEAM: [K]INK OUT producers include:

Yin Q: Shamanatrix, BDSM educator, and creator/writer of Mercy Mistress. They founded Kink Out Events to bring together intersectional peoples of the Leather/Kink communities for art, conservation, and activism. Yin is a fierce tiger mother of two little witches.

Emily Iris: A sex worker activist and artistic producer, whose bio reads: She knows a lot about animals, ghosts, and how to throw a killer party. She moved to NYC for the pizza and stayed for the whores.

Bridget Conway-Taylor: A queer leather daddy who by day is an operations strategist in corporate America.

KD Diamond: A tattooist and recipient of International Ms Bootblack 2011, who is also an illustrator of a number of sex and kink books, including Girl Sex 101 and The Ultimate Guide to Kink.

Allison Brainard: An artist, event producer, and sex worker ally, who as part of her art practice is interested in creating unique and immersive events, especially for a good cause.

Together, this X-Womxn team is producing the next iteration of Kink Out, celebrating the art and intersection of tattoos with the leather and sex work communities.


A precursor event to this iteration of [K]INK OUT was One Night Stand, held May 3 2018 at The Eurydice Gallery, Brooklyn. Organized by Allison Brainard and Emily Iris, it was an art fundraiser in immediate response to SESTA/FOSTA, a night of solidarity and revelry for sex workers and their allies in support of LysistrataMCCF.


Presently, Kink Out founder, Yin Q, has joined forces with a phenomenal team of womxn to create the paramount [K]INK OUT — a call to action for community care and practical support for sex workers whose livelihoods have been impacted by the recent passing of the bills SESTA/FOSTA.

The original Kink Out mission intended to bring intersectional NYC individuals of BDSM/kink Identities together to share space, artwork, and respectful conversation. The inaugural Kink Out event was a fundraiser for Mercy Mistress, an autobiographical web-series about a Queer, Asian American Dominatrix in NYC. Hosted at The Euridice Gallery in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, the event attracted a diverse crowd of kinksters: Gay Leather Daddies, Femme Dominatrixes and their submissive men, Queer Leather Fairies, Bootblacks, puppies, Latex Lovers, Shibari enthusiasts, and more. Artwork, short film, comedic readings, and lap dance performances fueled an evening of panel conversations focused on topics such as kink sex work and consent-driven-community building.

The second chapter of Kink Out, co-produced by activist/artist Tiona Nekkia McClodden for her CLUB installation at Performance Space in New York City, brought forth the fruits of that initial crowdfunding labor: a screening of Mercy Mistress. The black box gallery housed McClodden’s tribute to Keith Haring (a ceiling of red roses), video and sound installations by McClodden and other artists called on the memory of S&M clubs in the Lower East Side from the early 1980’s, and a private whiskey bar offered a VR experience of Tokyo’s underground gay scene.