Jex Blackmore: Satanic Feminism As Activism

As part of our Legacy of the Witch festival last April, Slutist presented a talk in conjunction with Catland Books by artist, activist and national spokesperson for The Satanic Temple Jex Blackmore. We finally have the video footage available for those who were unable to make this powerful presentation on Satanic feminism, activism, and the witch as a symbol of female power and persecution.

The feminine has endured as a subversive force within the Satanic narrative for a millenia. The complexities of the female figure, her sexuality, intelligence and power have been co-opted by the church to control and fabricate a gendered discourse which demonizes autonomous womanhood. Despite this history, modern Satanism has been primarily associated with strength, masculinity and power. Reinforcing chauvinistic conceptions of the abilities of women, with a particular focus on male sexuality, modern Satanism has continued to emphasize traditional gender roles.

The Satanic Temple represents an evolution in Satanic philosophy which aims to dismantle archaic sexual paradigms and give voice to those who have suffered under the yoke of Satanism as a pejorative. We will explore the concept of Satanic Feminism in relation to contemporary non-theistic Satanism and discuss how this can be utilized as a catalyst for political change. — Jex Blackmore