Janet Looks at 89 Dicks, Jon Only Makes it to 11 Vaginas

If you’re a fan of the internet, humor, and penises, you might be familiar with the viral video “Janet Looks at 89 Dicks,” which burst onto the scene earlier this month. Bustle and The Hairpin gave it props, and over half a million people have since watched Janet Silverman pop her dick pic cherry by taking in 89 members at once.

While a lot of people loved it, some accused Janet of “dick shaming,” and saw misandry instead of hilarity. Sure, critically examining a stranger’s genitals in real life can definitely be dehumanizing, but Janet’s hardly harsh – mostly just surprised, confused, and curious – and it is obviously satire. Given the ubiquity of invasive dick pics that pop up in women’s inboxes, this video has plenty of real life fodder as reference material. Plus, some guys even welcome a little commentary on their emissions err…submissions, as Critique My Dick Pic has proved.

Since a call to “flip the script” was a common sentiment by those who were insulted by the endeavor, Janet did just that. How would we feel if a man was staring that way at pics of vaginas and critiquing them? Turns out, we felt pretty good. Any genital taken out of context is, as Jon says, like “a Rorschach skin test,” and, overall, pretty funny.