Interior Scroll Redux at Art Basel Miami

Challenging the systemic sexism and racism of the art world has arguably never been more important. While Art Basel Miami is still dominated by the buying power and the work of straight white men, this year’s offerings seemed to include more shows and events exposing the work of queer artists, feminist artists and artists of color. From Fade to Black and #ihaitibasel to Milk and NightAuto Body and the Wynwood protests, there were moments of aesthetic subversion that briefly disrupted the corporate art mall atmosphere (and made our visit way more engaging).


One of our favorite moments took place at Auto Body, a repurposed body shop on the edge of town that featured all feminist artists in mediums that resist easy commodification. Micol Hebron‘s performance of Carolee Schneemann‘s iconic 1975 piece, “Interior Scroll” was one of many to raise issue with the art world patriarchy. After Hebron read a text by Schneemann on embodiment and femininity naked on a table, she slowly removed a scroll from her vagina that detailed the gender disparity within Los Angeles galleries and some of the galleries represented at Basel this year. The statistics she read aloud weren’t surprising. Most of the galleries were at least, if not more, 70% male. However, Hebron ended with a contrasting statement when she mentioned Spinello Projects‘ 100% female roster for Auto Body. This lone stat was far more shocking than a naked woman pulling a paper from her pussy (to us, at least). See a few seconds of this important piece below…