Imagining The Illuminati: Adventure[s], Prima Primo, And APBWAS On Sex, Celebrity and Ritual In The Secret Society

In pop culture, Illuminati lore is omnipresent. Whether it’s films like Eyes Wide Shut or National Treasure teasing out truths about the ancient organization or those sites demonstrating how Beyonce and Lady Gaga send occult messages through music video symbology, this secret society crops up in the most public of places. Next weekend, Brooklyn DJ/party trio Adventure[s] will explore the Illuminati phenomenon through a night of music, ritual and performance art with an “Illuminati Recruitment Ritual” at Baby’s Alright on Saturday, April 25th at midnight. The show features pop-tronic performance art duo Prima Primo, occult dance music trio a place both wonderful and strange, and more Illuminati-realness than you can handle. We asked the artists about their take on this occult society: what it is, which celebs belong, the role of gender and sex in Illuminati circles, and what exactly is going down at their gathering. More on the event + advanced tickets here.

No one knows (or is supposed to reveal that they know) the exact parameters of this ancient organization. How do you define it?

P/O: It is pretty hard to actually pin down the actual parameters of the organization but lots of people think it stems from Egyptian Magic and the Kabbalah. Which means it is really all because of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. To really know the truth you would have to ask Alex Jones.

P/A: I see it like the head of a pin, tiny in actuality but capable of carrying the deadliest threats.

Adventure[s]: The Illuminati is the ouroboros of the unknown–no one knows about it but everyone knowns that no one knowns about it but no one knows what everyone who knows about it doesn’t know–so it continues to exist simply by disavowing its

a place both wonderful and strange: The Illuminati is like nature or water: it’s everywhere. It’s air, water, oxygen, money. To know it is impossible, to know OF it is the closest we can come.


How far off are National Treasure or Eyes Wide Shut or The Da Vinci Code from Illuminati-realness?

P/O: I hope they aren’t far off because I really want to meet Nicolas Cage and I’d like to hang out at that mansion in Eyes Wide Shut.

P/A: No, seriously that’s hilarious, however somewhat truthful ways of displaying its withholding of knowledge. The global way of positioning the suppressive thumb. I believe it’s perverse in the uncomfortable ways things can be, Eyes Wide Shut had fun with that idea.

Adventure[s]: Eyes Wide Shut is close. National Treasure has Nicholas Cage who is definitely not Illuminati.

apbwas: It’s like the telephone game. One person says one thing that’s an isolated incident and it continues to morph. They’re close but far.


Who makes the cut? Everyone says Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Benjamin Franklin and maybe even Lady Gaga or Madonna is in. Thoughts?

P/O: Besides Ben Franklin I don’t think any of them are really “in”, they are merely puppets. You see, there is Gepetto and then there is Pinocchio… and neither of them are in the Illuminati, but that blue fairy, she totally is. And the blue fairy is Clear Channel.

P/A: No one and everyone is involved. Of course. How you choose to believe and act each day you wake up, will determine where you stand in regards to that pyramid. In it? Around it? Over it? I believe I’m revolving around it at the moment.

Adventure[s]: The point of entry is different for EVERYONE. For some it’s money, for some it’s physical beauty, for some it’s trivia prowess.

apbwas: Gaga AND Madonna AND Beyonce are in it. The feminine is an incredibly essential facet of the society, flatulent Benjamin Franklin be damned.


The illuminati is often understood to be a “men’s only” organization, and yet the triangle is the most enduring symbol of the illuminati, which is extremely vaginal. How do you see the gender makeup of the illuminati?

P/O: I always see the triangle, when it is pointing upward (as is used in reference to the illuminati), as much more of a dick… an erection really. If you look at the Eye of Providence, like on the dollar bill, it is totally the head of the penis, with that sly winking eye and everything. Now if it were pointing downward then I could see it as a vagina. As for the gender makeup of the Illuminati I would have to say it is genderless. At most we could call it a hermaphrodite, or like Orlando… It is what it needs to be, sometimes it is a man, sometimes a woman. Maybe we should just imagine that it is a spinning triangle.

P/A: Ah, the perverse part. It is All sexuality, it is the most, the least, the all-gendered confusion. It’s the enhancement of the baser part of our neurological being. It’s a very very powerful force this way. No one is safe from its influence If you are human. It just means you have to fight harder if it’s a treat.

Adventure[s]: Ultimately our goal is to force any inherent misogyny in the Illuminati out, as the very nature of continuing the lineage speaks to, as you say, the extremely female nature. The most powerful members of the Illuminati are female-aligned. Think about that.

apbwas: See above. Men are traditional figureheads, but behind every great man is an entire society of brilliant women.


Initiation methods into any secret society usually include something highly sexual. Why do you think this is, and will your party include the same?

P/O: It seems easier to initiate someone when their defenses of reason are at their lowest, people are less conscious when they are being sexual because they are tapped into their animalistic or primal nature. It’s far less difficult to train an animal if they are turned on and ready to throw down versus when they are at their most alert and defensive. If you want to brainwash someone you need to do it when they are paying less attention, so you show some skin, touch them a little, and then they think about sex instead… then you can take whatever you want from them. And yes, this party is going to have a lot of that. Especially the skin, and the touching… probably the taking too. I just hope there are a lot of shirts flying in the air.

P/A: Since I don’t believe there is hardly any initiating in the first place, I don’t really know…I do know that sexuality as a distraction is a big deal in all this, and I’m keeping my eye on it

Adventure[s]: Sex is the most sacred touch, for the most sacred initiation. We can’t say what the party will include bc LAWYERS (we won’t have sex with you! we promise!)

apbwas: Sex is power and knowing. Our party will not get that far.


What can we expect from your Illuminati gathering?

P/O: A lot of Stockholm Syndrome.

P/A: definitely a lot of Stockholm syndrome.

Adventure[s]: Music Mayhem Madness mmmmmurder? No murder. Wrong tag line.

apbwas: I T I S F U L L O F S E C R E T S
Also dancing. We will be performing a ritualistic musical piece accompanied with dance by Anna Copa Cabanna, which is thrilling and an honor.