How To Have A Feminist Fall

Some of you east coast sluts might have felt the beginnings of a chill this week, the first cold shiver of leather weather that officially opens the season of autumnal activities and pagan partying. Although most of our favorite September-November happenings aren’t traditionally female-centric (no surprise), there are still plenty of ways that you can easily turn your fall feminist. Here are a few to start:

Indulge in some feminist baking (or feminist eating)


Gutter goddess Lydia Lunch has a perfect recipe for pumpkin pie in her cookbook The Need To Feed (as well as a peach delight called “Eat My Peach Before It Crumbles,” which is technically for summer, but that element of juicy decay is fitting for the season).

Bleed onto these adorable pumpkin pads


LunarLass‘s heavy absorbency cotton pads will make your monthly harvest even more festive.

Carve a feminist pumpkin


It’s never too early to plan a radical design for your jack-off-lantern.

Check out some body positive autumn burlesque


Like Harvest Moon: An Autumn Burlesque Show in Buffalo, NY.

Choose a feminist Halloween costume


Orange Is The New Black is probably going to lead the list this year again, but here are a dozen more feminist costume ideas, courtesy of Bitch Magazine.

Cut down on your street harassment while staying warm in this cozy sweatshirt


Made by Hannahisawful.

Honor your favorite feminist witches

For real, though. Check out our favorite non-fiction feminist witches over here.

Main image: “Leaf Drift” by Arthur Hacker