Fruit Salad Tonight: New Indie Game Promotes Sexploration

Driven by the lack of games that incorporate kink in a safe and engaging way, two indie developers from Canada and Germany teamed up to create Fruit Salad Tonight, a new app that gamifies sexploration. The developers (Dominic and Ting) met in a hostel in Colombia and designed the game on the fly, bringing it with them across borders and state lines.

“We made this game because we both had relationships where sex became routine,” explains co-creator Ting. “We had wanted to try new things but didn’t know how to start and a lot of the online apps were basic ‘lick her ear’ style challenges that just weren’t fun. Sex is so fun, sex apps should be too,” she told Slutist.

While the animated characters (a banana and a papaya) are pretty adorable, the positions, sex acts, sex “dares” and BDSM moves they suggest as the game progresses definitely aren’t. Think of it as a live-action, roleplaying kinky Kama Sutra, with scandalous cartoons. Playing with a partner is the idea, but there’s something kinda fun about clicking through the levels on your own, imagining what would happen if someone else was there. Either way, this indie app is a good start for a solo session or a multi-player kinda night.

Fruit Salad Tonight is currently available for iPhone and Android and in English and German. The developers are also creating an LGBTQ game so you can get some banana on banana or papaya on papaya action, and my hope is that version 2.0 might also include play that incorporates a whole bowlful of fruit. You’ll never look at nature’s candy in quite the same way…