Feminist Hacktivism 4EVA

Slutist is taking part in a collaborative feminist learning experiment spearheaded by FemTechNet that traverses the borders between science, technology and feminism. This Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCC) has multiple nodes across the country and seeks to create a sustainable model of “connected learning” (check out #femtechnet and #docc14 for more). For the uninitiated, Feminist Technology can mean anything from the tools and strategies that feminism uses to do its work to technological artifacts and socio-technical systems. TechSluts, you’ll definitely want to check out FemTechNet’s brilliant feminist academic hacktivism manifesto. If you’ve been wondering what Feminist Hacker Barbie‘s turn-on’s are, this probably tops her list. Favorite selections include:

FemTechNet is cyberfeminist praxis: we recognize digital and other technologies can both subvert and reinscribe oppressive relations of power and we work to make these complex relations of power transparent.

FemTechNet has no observers, only participants.

Irony, comedy, making a mess, and gravitas are feminist technologies.

No one holds the trademark on feminist pedagogy—it is collective intellectual property.

FemTechNet is fueled by our civil rights, anti-racist, queer, decolonizing, trans- feminist pedagogies as we work within the belly of the beast of neoliberal austerity, normalized precarity, neo-colonial techno-missionary evangelism and MOOC fever towards the radical redistribution, reinvention, and repurposing of technological, material, emotional, academic, and monetary resources.

FemTechNet is a power tool.

This Tuesday is an official Town Hall meeting on Feminist Digital Media Praxis & Safety/Risk
Facilitators: Tara Conley, Jade Davis, Alexandra Juhasz and Veronica Paredes
Tuesday Nov 25 3-4:30 EST (noon-1:30 PST)
Register by sending email to cowant AT newschool.edu: subject line – Safety.
Please write a 1 or 2-sentence description of why you want to participate.