Empowering Wearable Tech from CES 2015

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show debuted two female-friendly wearable tech offerings to both protect and pleasure us. The first is a 3D-printed dress that senses when someone is invading your personal space by measuring your vitals. When it detects a negative response, the dress shoots its spindly, robotic legs out to keep the person at bay.

Designer Anouk Wipprecht explains: “When approached at an aggressive pace, the system answers in a territorial attack mode…But when you walk up to the dress in a more cautious, friendly symbiotic way, you can almost get the dress to invite you closer, as if to ‘dance’ with you.” Sounds like the perfect antidote to street harassment, jerky first dates, and basically all the unwanted invasions of personal space women have to deal with on a daily basis.

The second innovation is an update of OhMiBod‘s bluetooth vibrator, but this time it’s controlled by a smart watch. This baby is also the first ever biometrically sensitive vibrator, so you can measure you or your partner’s heart rate as you get down.