Eb The Celeb On Dudes, Dicks, Double Standards And Her Podcast, The Girth

An entertainment industry insider for over a decade, Eb The Celeb is known for her high energy, no-holds-barred real talk, which she has parlayed into the boozy brunch of sex podcasts, The Girth. With enough humor and salacious banter to satisfy the most risque listener, her episodes are appropriately inappropriate, featuring porn stars, vine stars, athletes, recording artists and everyday people talking about the ins and outs of sex, relationships, dating — and more sex. We chatted with this multimedia maven about dudes, dicks, double standards and her celebrity guest goals. 

What inspired you to start a sex podcast?

I’ve been in the entertainment and music industry since I was 20 when I started in urban radio in North Carolina. A lot of people would say, “Eb you should do a podcast,” but what I do in my real life is boring for a podcast because everybody already has an entertainment one or a music one or a pop culture one. So I said if I’m gonna do a podcast, it’s gonna be so left from anything I’ve done before. I’m a boozy brunch fanatic, I got every Saturday and Sunday if I can. And I just thought about all the shit that me and my homegirls talk about over brunch, especially when the drinks start flowing. It’s everything from who we’re fucking, and who’s not doing it right, and what have we tried, and what we won’t try. I said I wanted to make a show about this, where regular people are just having conversations about sex. Of course there’s going to be some high profile people on because of what I do in real life, but it’s also going to be hard for them to be candid. That’s the only way I’ll have them on, if they talk about it like they would behind closed doors.

Which sex podcasts do you listen to? Did you feel there was a type of sex podcast that wasn’t out there and you needed to fill that hole?

There were a couple podcasts that I’ve listened to, but there are none for all audiences. There’s Angela Yee, who recently brought back her Lip Service podcast. She only talks to high profile people. I still feel like they don’t go all the way. That’s the only one I feel like is my competition, but not really. In my podcast, I talk a lot about myself, and everyone that comes on I call my co-hosts. We’re interviewing each other, we’re talking, we’re having a conversation. It’s not me just spitting the questions and you have to tell all your business and I’m just sitting there. So she has the urban one, and the millennial one is more like Guys We Fucked. I love their podcast. Then there’s the guy ones like The Manwhore Podcast, and I also listen to Legion of Skanks. They’re just off the chain hilarious.


Are you worried that talking so openly about sex could cause any issues in your professional life?

Me doing a sex podcast and talking candidly about that doesn’t make me any less smart. It doesn’t take my degree away because I’m 30 something and ready to talk about sex instead of talking about music all day. Right now I’m just confident in the decisions I’m making. At the end of the day, I believe that whatever’s supposed to be for you will be for you, and me doing something that I really enjoy right now, if it hinders something in the future then, oh well. I’m cool with it.

Who are your dream guests?

This is just the music industry person in me — and some people will probably feel this is too controversial or disrespectful — but nobody has really talked to him about sex. I really want to have R. Kelly on. I don’t want to talk anything about the scandal, none of the underage stuff, I just want to talk to him about what sex is like for R. Kelly. Even if we can’t talk about his sex personally, I just want to get inside his head and talk about the 10 nastiest lyrics he’s ever written. But that’s like top for me.

Other people would be some sexy ass white guys. I recently last week broke my white boy virginity. I’m trying to get a sexy white guy right now. I’ve reached out to a few in New York City who have a good following. Like Channing Tatum, he’s been my white boy crush since forever.

I would also love to get Howard Stern on because he’s Howard Stern. The thing he was able to create by talking about stuff that was more raunchy and real, I relate to that so much. They tell me Eb The Celeb is too much. They tell me to bring her down a little bit. This girl is crazy. I’m not about to tone her down.

They wouldn’t say that to a man…

Nope. A friend of mine, Charlemagne who’s on the Breakfast Club, if I interviewed somebody the same way he interviews a person, they’d say, “oooh you shouldn’t really ask that,” but he can get away with being an asshole. Why are you telling me I can’t ask certain things? There’s definitely a double standard there which I hate. I love that Wendy Williams has been able to cross that plane. She’s the only one who has been able to really do it, and even she has been fired a couple times for doing it. I don’t want people to be scared of coming on my show, I’m not gonna sugar coat it, but it’s going to be fun at the end of the day. I want you to have your opinion and articulate it and let’s talk about it and debate and be happy about agreeing to disagree.

So back to your white boy virginity…

So I’ve always been an advocate of chocolate dudes. I tried light skinned black dudes twice, and it was just not good. So I said let me stick to what I know. For a long time pink penis just scared me. I don’t know. It looks so different than what I’m used to. But in my new sexual exploration thing, I said this year I’m going to be more sexually free. I’d never even kissed a white dude. Let me remind you, all my brothers and sisters are mixed. My mom has not dated a black guy in decades. So I grew up around that, but still, I like my chocolate.

But recently, I lost my white boy virginity. It was different. It wasn’t as bad in my head as I’d thought. Since I started this podcast I get so many pink penises in my DMs, in my inbox. And I mention on my podcast I only sleep with black dudes. Still, it’s the penises that are pink that get sent to my DMs.

But in the end it was OK. It was a random ass drunken night, with a friend of a friend. My homegirl brought up that I wanted to break my white boy virginity and he’s like, OK. I was like, “can you not tell people that? Why you gonna put me on blast?” But it was decent. It won’t deter me from giving another white guy a chance.


Your podcast is called The Girth, are you a size queen?

I’m definitely the one that wants a big penis. I think I talked about this on the podcast, or maybe just with a friend. In college, I had this guy that was so big we could literally only do missionary. I was such a G, I was like, “I’m not gonna be a punk I’m gonna take this” — even though I couldn’t walk straight for a week. The next day he called me and said, “when are we linking up again?” And I said, “we are never linking up again.” He was like, “I understand, thanks for letting me finish, usually girls don’t let me, they make me stop.” But I felt like a champ, I was proud of myself. So I’ve felt what extremely large feels like but I do like a good, girthy one.

What do you think about the word “slut”? Should it be reclaimed?

I feel like we’ve already reclaimed it. This has been a good year to reclaim the word slut, from everything Amber Rose is doing with her Slutwalk to just women finally being extremely, extremely secure with talking about sex candidly. It’s so crazy that one of my homegirls did not have an orgasm until she was 30. I mean I didn’t even like sex but I was even having them early on. I was a late bloomer when it came to sex. Early on in my early 20s I just did it because my boyfriend would wanna do it. And now I’m actually like a nympho almost, I think, because I think about it all the time, and I want it all the time, and it’s out of control.

What do you want your listeners to know about you? What does sex positive mean to you?

I’m a regular chick, just like every person that is listening. I’m not afraid to talk about my own shit, I’m a no-holds-barred open book. Let’s have some fun for as long as this fun can last. I’m just ready for this new journey. I want to be able to have an open forum where nobody feels like they’re too far behind or ahead. Everybody is at a different place and its about learning about your self and your body and being open to stuff, or knowing that you’re not an open person. As long as you know yourself and feel comfortable in your sex life, that’s all that matters.

You’re a music industry insider, so what are the top tracks that turn you on?

I have this playlist that’s a “Sex Me Good” playlist when I’m feeling freaky by myself. It’s like the Tweet song, “Oops (Oh My),” it’s Raheem DeVaughn called “B.O.B.” — which is an acronym for battery operated boyfriend — and there’s a song by Teedra Moses that I love called “Backstroke” that is amazing. Those three come to mind immediately. They work solo or with partners. When I’m feeling in a sexy mood and I wanna walk around my crib in my lingerie or buck naked, thats what I put on.