She wears read and reaps Pleasure and Pain. Radiant Serpentine Grace. She Who Dwells in the House. Goddess of Fire and War. Guardian of animals, metals and minerals, Her Domain. She takes possession of Her Offering and makes Her mark on him, binding his soul to Her promise of protection and power.

Eva Tusquets is a multimedia artist originally from Barcelona, currently based in Brooklyn. In addition to working as a set designer for film and music videos for over seven years, Eva has been using video and photography as a form of expression for the past decade, always featuring powerful women as her protagonists. Working in recurring erotic themes, she explores sex magick, esotericism, and BDSM — always from an intimate, obscure, subjective, at times even ethereal point of view.

You can also find her performing live rituals as her alter ego Lilith, the Goddess of Chaos, embodied as vampiric dominatrix witch.


Dia Dynasty is a Shamanatrix; a professional dominatrix who incorporates spiritual and healing modalities into her BDSM practice in order to offer her clients transformational and life-altering experiences. Her 10 years as a professional dominatrix in New York City, along with her lifelong engagement with yoga, magick and witchcraft have honed her skills of domination with a mixture of shamanism, psychomagick, holistic health practices, and ritual work. Dia has been a guest on numerous kink, sex and spirituality forums including Kink Doctor’s Youtube talk show, Witchwave podcast, SexOutLoud Radio with Tristan Taormino, DownForWhatever podcast, Banana Mag print publication and SerpentCast.