Chakrubs’ Fetish-Inspired Shadow Line Elevates The Darkness Within Us

Chakrubs’ stunning crystal sexual wellness products straddle the line between spirituality and eroticism, and with the new Shadow Line, offer tools to delve into the darkness we carry within.


Founder and creatrix of Chakrubs Vanessa Cuccia explains the impetus for her new collection:

Six years ago I created Chakrubs. Sex with crystals has since become mainstream, whereas only years ago it was a radical idea to use a material known for its relationship to the metaphysical world. The energy of crystals manifest themselves in perfect molecular structures, giving each Chakrub a unique and beautiful design with all credit to its creation from the earth. Chakrubs has become a metaphor for my customers’ and admirers’ relationship to sexuality, to love, to spirituality and themselves. It was in my exploration with my own black Chakrub that I discovered that there was something more I needed to express through these products.


Early mirrors were made from Obsidian crystal. Having sessions with my black Chakrub, now referred to as the Chakrub Xaga, I’d observe my thoughts, memories, projections, to be what many people would describe as “dark.” My initial response was to resist: after all, Chakrubs were meant for honor of the self, to make self-pleasure something beautiful and unashamed. But resistance failed and I knew I needed to befriend what about me scared myself. I was being introduced to my Shadow, the parts of me I repressed and denied. She’s ugly, and now I love her, too.


The Chakrub Shadow Line includes interactive sculptures that are fetish and weapon-inspired. Using mostly black obsidian crystal and stainless steel, these functional works of art ask the user to honor the self as a whole. After years of honoring the beauty in ourselves, it’s time to honor the beauty in our ugliness. After all, a thing isn’t sacred because it has the appearance of being spiritual. A thing is sacred because we give it the attention that it is. Sacred discipline, sacred shame, sacred unveiling of the ugly truth.



Photo Credits: Rita Minissi