The second annual Bushwig drag fest drew every hot and sweaty variation of gender performance imaginable, both onstage and in the crowd at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick. Severely Mame brought glamour and a dirty grind to Ke$ha’s “Cannibal” in a gold glitter-encrusted Hannibal Lecter mask, Darlinda Just Darlinda ended her America-inspired burlesque number with the final triumphant removal of a Republican Flag from her pussy which she proceeded to rip to shreds, and Soigne Deluxe deconstructed Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girl” with a cardboard pop art striptease sung 2 octaves lower. So many more mind-bending acts opened and closed the event, it’s impossible to list them all, but the nudity, openness, and over-the-top allure of the night made Slutist proud of our Bushwick origins.

Purevile’s Wren Britton, Severely Mame, and Ironing Maiden.

Soigne’s “Nasty Girl” performance

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