bell hooks is a badass: A few fave quotes from her residency at The New School thus far

Revolutionary feminist theorist, activist and pop culture critic bell hooks is holding court again at The New School, inviting a few heavy hitters to sit down and dialogue with her about race, class, gender, sexuality, contemporary culture and feminism. We were lucky enough to see her engage with Gloria Steinem and Laverne Cox on two separate evenings, and while the discussions varied, the depth and emotional honesty was always riveting.

After feminism, the common theme (oddly enough) was shoes: bell hooks said that if you can buy shoes together you can do politics together when speaking about Gloria, and in her sit down with Laverne, asked her why she chose to wear sexy, sky high heels, which opened up an important conversation about self-representation and visibility, and how fashionable sexualization of the body is still a hot topic in feminist debate.

Below are a few of our fave bell quotes from both evenings:

“[Feminism] is about friends and sisters and community. It’s about chosen family.”

“It’s a chaotic moment for feminism, globally.”

“Stop seeing The Other as a resource to enhance you..we need hospitality that goes both ways.”

“Radical openness requires discernment and critique.”

And perhaps our favorite, on the importance of women being economically independent:

“Girl, get your money straight so you can say no.”

3 thoughts on “bell hooks is a badass: A few fave quotes from her residency at The New School thus far

  1. I have to watch this discussion! I was actually surprised to see this headline on Slutist considering bell hooks’ conservative views on sexual empowerment and her disapproval of the way Beyonce and Nicki Minaj (I still cant believe she call Bey a terrorist!).

    1. True, there is a definite difference between what bell hooks offers on the subject of sexual empowerment and what the site is all about. But even though I personally don’t agree with her views, I see where she’s coming from (generationally) and her writing on feminism as a movement and dismantling the white supremacist capitalist hetero patriarchy is invaluable, so I could never dismiss her as an important feminist figure. Her discussion with Laverne Cox got interesting when she clearly was trying to read Laverne about her blonde hair and high heels, but Laverne came back quickly with an excellent response, which boiled down to: “we don’t want to demonize the woman in high heels, and we don’t want to demonize the woman out of high heels.” Definitely worth a watch (and she tries to clarify the Bey comment too, which was interesting…)

    2. But hey, if you ever want to write a piece called “Why bell hooks is NOT a badass,” we’re all ears :D

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