Bed-Stuy Goddess Walk 2013

Moving beyond the Slutwalk‘s original ethos, Brooklyn’s first Goddess Walk and Anti-Street Harassment Rally was created by actress, burlesque performer and performance artist Chiquita Brooks in 2012 with the goal of breaking down damaging sexual stereotypes about black women while promoting safety in the streets.

In her blog Oshun Returns, Brooks explains that the Goddess Walk and surrounding events are a “response to my personal need to address the damaging effects racial stereotypes had on my sexuality as a Black woman. I realized these stereotypes even played a role in how I was harassed on the street. Because I also Identify as a Queer Black woman, when I decided to dress in a way that was non-gender conforming, the harassment I received changed as well. From being physically assaulted on the street, to threats of rape & even death. I simply refused to be afraid in my own neighborhood anymore. This walk is for all who are down for the cause of course, But I stress that it is Anti-Street Harassment rally for Black Women & LGBTQ folk & our Allies. That detail is important to me, I can only trust that folks will understand.”


The 2013 Goddess Walk will be held at Fulton Park in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn on Saturday August 24th from 12-4pm. The walk starts at 1pm.

Check out this video for more.

Image of Goddess Walk 2012 from the Oshun Returns blog