Beaver: The Exhibition

A new feminist exhibition, performance, and panel discussion curated by artist Naomi Elena Ramirez and Slutist founder Kristen Sollee (moi) will open next Tuesday, January 14th, at the Center For Performance Research in Brooklyn. Inspired by (and named after) Ramirez’s work of the same name which interrogates porn culture and female sexual expression through dance and visual scores for the body, Beaver is a multi-disciplinary event delving into contemporary feminist perspectives on pornography, gender performance, and female sexual self-expression.

The exhibition features over a dozen contemporary female artists whose work reflects a diverse cross-section of perspectives on female sexuality and women’s embodied experiences through photography, painting, drawing, collage, performance and video art. Following screenings and a performance of Ramirez’s piece, the event will culminate in a panel featuring Damali Abrams, Claire Hatamiya, Emily Tepper, MM Serra and Naomi Elena Ramirez who will discuss intersections of sex, race, gender, and sexuality in art, media representations, and lived experiences.

Drinks, snacks and discounted Slutist merch will accompany the visual delights.

$5 in advance, $7 at the door. 7pm-10pm

Aimee Hertog | Andrea McGinty | Chan & Mann | Claire Hatamiya | Damali Abrams
Emily Tepper | Jenna Kelly | Kristen Sollee | Lisa Beerle | Manuela Garcés | MM Serra
Naomi Elena Ramirez | Shandoah Goldman & Nicole Wolcott
Samantha Groff | Sabrina Leung