August Sluts of the Month: Wolftits & Octopussy

Slutist discovered Wolftits and Octopussy on a hot summer night in Bushwick and knew they had to be our first ever two-way Slut of the Month. We’ll let the duo speak for themselves, but if you’re confused, disturbed, or a little turned on, check out “Surf and Turf” at Slag Gallery now through August 24th for more…

I am:

Wolftits & Octopussy.

By Day:

Octopussy: A shape shifting, twirling free spirit, ready to embrace new adventures by sea and by land, providing no one tries to inseminate me.
Wolftits: A lone wolf, seeking friends and experiences; occasionally a berserker who murders her companions.

By Night:

Octopussy: Sensually swimming, slinking through schools of fishy admirers.
Wolftits: Heavy hearted howler singing to the moon.


My Vices:

Octopussy: Taunting men, then running away before they get too horny, knock me up and I die. Balls-to-the-wall karaoke. Dentata chewing gum.
Wolftits: Sexy cars. Playing rough. Cuddling. Going in for the kill too soon. Chasing squirrels and my own tail. Digging holes. Puppies.

My Virtues:

Octopussy: I’m a great hugger, unless you come at me with a stiffy, and I am always couture.
Wolftits: I’m an excellent bushwhacker and I know my way around the engine of a car.

The Present:

Octopussy: I am dead, bitten by a rabid, titty friend.
Wolftits: Alone again.

The Future:

Octopussy: I am a ghost, specializing in the tease. My spirit is hunted like the legendary Sasquatch.
Wolftits: I’ll drift from pack to pack. I’m likable at first but too unpredictable for long term relationships.

31MVI_5644wolftitskissessaga1 copy

Favorite Flavor:

Octopussy: Huge, slurpy oysters.
Wolftits: Warm blood and huckleberry ice cream.

Favorite Feeling:

Octopussy: Twirling my way out of a dangerous situation.
Wolftits: The chase.

Favorite Fabric:

Octopussy: Spandex.
Wolftits: Faux fur.

Rebecca Goyette, Octopussy, Channeler, Wolftits,” 11″ x 14″, 2014

Substance is:

Octopussy: Thick, juicy tentacles full of protein, tough enough to withstand the most brutal tenderizing.
Wolftits: Shiny black fur, big sharp teeth and a heart full of ecstatic howls.

Style is:

Octopussy: Sleek, and full of suction with multiple pleasure centers. And a vagina dentata for sea enemies.
Wolftits: Flirtatious but very functional. Furry bits, silky tits and sturdy boots.

Slut is:

Octopussy: Mutable and free, reincarnating each time wiser and sexier.
Wolftits: Not afraid to take a big, juicy bite.

1masterbatingwithwand copy

Video stills from Surf and Turf by Rebecca Goyette and Julia Oldham, runtime: 35:43. 2014

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