A Brief History of Topless Protest

Over the past few days, feminist sextremist group FEMEN has made headlines around the world with bold, topless rallying cries. They are currently protesting the imprisonment of three FEMEN members recently arrested in Tunisia and charged with “debauchery” following a protest in solidarity with Amina Sboui. Amina, a Tunisian activist known for her part in the ”


In 2011, Andrea Jones, a trans woman from Tennessee, went topless outside the DMV to protest the office’s refusal to change the gender on her license. Despite the fact that Tennessee law viewed her as male, she was still arrested for indecent exposure.


bare breasted strolls around New York City, exercising her right as a New York woman to go topless while promoting gender equality and body acceptance. She was arrested in 2012 for indecent exposure when she walked by a park with children playing inside, but was released without being charged.


Performance artist and activist Sherry Glaser created Breasts Not Bombs to protest the Iraq War and Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s policies as governor of California. She and her partner Sheba Love were arrested for being topless on the steps of the Sacramento state capitol in 2005. The case against them was eventually overturned and the women were not forced to register as sex offenders as was previously threatened.

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