4U Mag’s Queer, Feminist Take on Beyonce

However you feel about her, there is no denying that Beyonce owns everything, so badass web magazine 4U Mag decided to celebrate her dominance with a queer, feminist take on her legacy and now legendary visual album. Dig into “Bey 4U” for everything Queen Bey including erotica (!!!), pop culture critiques (by 4U Mag’s founder, Slutist contributor and January 2014 Slut of the Month Caitlin Donohue), photographic tributes and even a mix tape. Oh, and they’re having a release party in Mexico City to celebrate on January 23rd, featuring our May 2014 Slut of the Month, San Cha. Deets below!

Kelly Lovemonster and Caitlin Donohue
4U Mag Founders Kelly Lovemonster & Caitlin Donohue

MEXICO CITY – December 23, 2014 – 4U MAGAZINE is a web magazine produced by editors CAITLIN DONOHUE and KELLY LOVEMONSTER in Mexico City and San Francisco. “Bey 4U,” its 10th issue released on the one-year anniversary of Beyoncé’s self-titled visual album, is a queer, feminist look at the influence Queen Bey had on us in 2014. Highlights include Mexico City photographer MARIA FERNANDA MOLINS’ tribute to Beyoncé super fandom, porn producer DAMIEN MOREAU’s video interview with Bey parodist OK STUPID, an essay by Donohue on pop culture self-identification, sex writer TINA HORN’s Bey erotica, and a drawing series by ANTONE that explores an imaginary world in which Beyoncé is your best friend. “Bey is one of the most powerful women of color in the world today,” says co-editor Donohue. “Her success has impacted us profoundly – we wanted an issue that expressed that fact.” View the “BEY 4U” Issue HERE


To celebrate, 4U MAGAZINE is hosting its first event in Mexico. On January 23rd, the 4U team brings its sexy, inclusive vogue/house/hip-hop vibes to a downtown Mexico City club. Hosted by CAITLIN DONOHUE and KELLY LOVEMONSTER, the party will feature DJs LIL THRAX A.K.A. BABY BLUNT (Mexico City) and LA FRAICHEUR (Berlin), with a debut set by indie fashion designer ROSA PISTOLA (Mexico City). SAN CHA of Bay Area electro-punk drag group DADDIE$ PLA$TIK will perform new original tracks, and projection art will be shown by MANUEL D. LIRA. MARIA FERNANDA MOLINS and ANTONE will be on hand selling works published in the “Bey 4U” Issue. “The party’s an excuse to get our hottest friends from all over the world together in one big, dark club and celebrate Beyoncé,” says co-editor Donohue.

4U MAGAZINE was formed in 2013 when SF sex writer and party promoter Kelly Lovemonster (Swagger Like Us) joined forces with writer Caitlin Donohue, the former culture editor at the long-running alternative weekly newspaper San Francisco Bay Guardian and current Rookie Magazine staffer. The duo’s mission was to create a worldwide publication that could connect cool kids from diverse locations through culture reporting that prioritized the queer and feminist voice. The magazine regularly publishes definitive social calendars for the Bay Area and innovative mixtapes, in addition to theme issues that tackle topics from BDSM for beginners to drag queen makeup, indie fashion designers and protests against police brutality. For additional information visit: www.4umag.com.

When: January 23rd, 2015, 10pm-late
Where: Capitán Gallo, Ayuntamiento 145, Colonia Centro, Mexico City
How much: 50 pesos before midnight
DJ sets by: LA FRAICHEUR (Berlin), LIL THRAX (Mexico City), ROSA PISTOLA (Mexico City)
Performance by: SAN CHA (Oakland)
Upstairs gallery works by: MARIA FERNANDA MOLINS, ANTONE

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