🔍Read More Sexist, Predictable or Smart? Affairs in Film & TV

Sexist, Predictable or Smart? Affairs in Film & TV

0 Comments 🕔20 Dec 2014

Showtime's The Affair is the latest cheating narrative to grace our screens, with its stark, dazzling cinematography, languid pace and dramatic Fiona Apple-penned theme song. The final episode of the season airs tomorrow, so we thought we'd do a roundup of our favorite (and least favorite) onscreen affairs and break down the sexual norms they subvert, reinforce or bypass altogether. Unfaithful Bored wife cheats on loving husband, which drives him to murder her lover in a fit...

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Selfie Feminism and the Digital Political

0 Comments 🕔17 Dec 2014

New feminisms are coined constantly. Blink, and you’ll miss one. From sex positive feminism to transnational feminism and radical feminism to anarcha-feminism, one qualifier tacked onto the F-word can change everything. Over the past year, I've heard rumblings of a new kind of feminism in casual conversation and in print, but this one is specifically named to disparage the 4th wavers. According to a recent article by Suzanne...

🔍Read More Free the Nipple: Tits and Activism

Free the Nipple: Tits and Activism

1 Comment 🕔12 Dec 2014

You've probably encountered the viral campaign for #freethenipple that's been percolating over the past year. In anticipation of the new film inspired by real events, celebrities from Cara Delevingne and Lena Dunham to Miley Cyrus have come out in support of the movie and the movement to de-stigmatize women's bodies. Slutist was at the IFC preview with the filmmakers last night, which was complete (of course) with topless viewers. Russell Simmons, a...

🔍Read More Your Weekly Slut Roundup

Your Weekly Slut Roundup

0 Comments 🕔11 Dec 2014

From sex workers to women who use birth control or just, you know, anyone at all on the feminine spectrum, no one is safe from the slings and arrows of the S-word. Our weekly "slut roundup" is a snapshot of recent news items where the term has popped up, from stories on slut-shaming and sexist bigotry to any relevant sex positive pieces as well. This week we have a Swedish school in hot water for some...

🔍Read More Mutating Gender in The Circular Ruins

Mutating Gender in The Circular Ruins

0 Comments 🕔09 Dec 2014

Earlier this year, psych rock band The Saint James Society (named after the religious group that mailed packets of heroin to combat morphine addiction) and director/media artist Juan Azulay took to the Mojave desert to rewrite the way road movie archetypes are mapped onto a landscape seen as a time-folding canvas. Slutist is pleased to reveal their aesthetic outcome below, along with writer

🔍Read More Interior Scroll Redux at Art Basel Miami

Interior Scroll Redux at Art Basel Miami

0 Comments 🕔07 Dec 2014

Challenging the systemic sexism and racism of the art world has arguably never been more important. While Art Basel Miami is still dominated by the buying power and the work of straight white men, this year's offerings seemed to include more shows and events exposing the work of queer artists, feminist artists and artists of color. From Fade to Black and #ihaitibasel to Milk...

🔍Read More December Slut of the Month: Damien Moreau

December Slut of the Month: Damien Moreau

0 Comments 🕔04 Dec 2014

Here at Slutist, we like to toy with convention and play with your expectations a bit, so to close out an excellent year of featuring so many brilliant and striking female-identified folks, we've decided to up our testosterone quotient. Enter Damien Moreau, a Mexico City-based porn actor and director who will be debuting a mini-series next month. O H B O Y is focused around the sexuality of men following a loose...

🔍Read More Stop Being A Dick

Stop Being A Dick

0 Comments 🕔02 Dec 2014

The recent piece in The New Republic entitled "This Is What Power Looks Like" is fantastic, but it's missing one thing: dicks. Understandably, Rebecca Traister wants to keep it respectable, but since I'm not writing for The New Republic and since it's the holidays I'm giving myself the gift of tossing respectability and caution to the wind, and just letting my imagination run free...America has a dick problem....

🔍Read More Giving Voice to Our Pagan Past and Present: Pam Grossman on Witches, Women and Pop Occulture

Giving Voice to Our Pagan Past and Present: Pam Grossman on Witches, Women and Pop Occulture

0 Comments 🕔01 Dec 2014

A font of knowledge on mysticism and magick throughout history, Pam Grossman is one of the pre-eminent curators, writers and scholars giving voice to our pagan past and present. Whether declaring 2013 "The Year of The Witch" in The Huffington Post, editing Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies, or giving riveting presentations on the occult in art...

🔍Read More Black Friday & Beyond

Black Friday & Beyond

0 Comments 🕔28 Nov 2014

Whether you're protesting the egregious miscarriage of justice in Ferguson, the low-wages and conditions for many workers in major corporate chains, or just the general unsavory capitalist exploitation of this long weekend, there are plenty of reasons to Ban Black Friday. On the other hand, there are thousands of small businesses not owned by the white, male oligarchy that you can support if you're in the shopping mood. Here are a few of...