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Art Slut Magic Slut Witch, Please

Belt Of Venus

When the sky holds a pink hue along the horizon line a few moments before or after sunset, it’s...

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Art Slut Kink Sex Sex Work TV Slut

Mercy Mistress: Reclaiming BDSM and Kink from Big Media

Hello Slutists, We are a phenomenal and diverse community. I am as proud of being kinky as I am...

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Art Slut Film Slut

Mother!’s Warning

Mother’s Prayer Our mother who art underfoot, hallowed be thy names, thy seasons come, thy will be done, within...

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Slut of the Month

September Slut of the Month: Kit

Slinking across your screens as September Slut of the Month is Kit, purveyor of pleasure at the Museum of...

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Art Slut Feminism Magic Slut

The Witch’s Sabbat: Imagining A Future Society

What is the best way to live under oppression? What is the way out from under it? As feminists...

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Art Slut Magic Slut The SlutList Witch, Please

Chrysalis Eclipse

“Butterfly that flutters in the morning light, you have known many forms before you ever took flight.” —Jamie Sams...

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Art Slut Film Slut

Make Out Party: A New Queer, Campy, Sex Positive Film Is Crowdfunding

What’s not to love about camp, queerness, and positive representations of sexuality (and some seriously INSANE makeup and costume...

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Art Slut Music Slut Slut of the Month

August Slut of the Month: Kelsey Chapstick

We’re pleased as spiked punch to showcase drum slut, writer babe, and heavy metal hellion Kelsey Chapstick as our...

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Art Slut Music Slut

Songs For Inspiration And Divination: A Witchy Playlist

Whether you’re in need of aural magic for your daily yoga practice or are looking for motivation on a lazy spell...

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Sluts of the Month

Comic Striptease


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Sex Sex Work

Mistress Velvet: The African Dominatrix on Queer Sex Work, Finding Your Niche, and Cis White Slaves

I first saw Mistress Velvet, a Ghanaian Dominatrix, PhD student, and femme at a bar called Juniors in the...

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Feminism Op-Ed Slut

My Plastic Surgery Is Feminist As Fuck

I shouldn’t have to defend my boob job, but here we go. I begin by stating “feminism is for...

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Op-Ed Slut Sex Sex Work

How To Talk To A Slut You Just Met, Know, And/Or Love

No matter how far I think we’ve come with sex positive feminisms, I am still baffled by the judgments...

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