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Notes on Vamp

0 Comments 🕔24 Oct 2014

Dazzling to the eye with a dark, fecund mystery that's laced with myth and history, 'the vamp' is omnipresent in contemporary culture. While her roots can be traced to goddesses synonymous with seduction and ruin, in this century, she has been iconically codified through fashion and film. There are the sartorial choices that influence our understanding of vamp, and then there are the femme fatales onscreen, who embody the archetype in image and action. "A sensibility (as distinct from an...

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Coming Soon: Agent 8 in Print!

0 Comments 🕔23 Oct 2014

Hey fans of space sexploration, Katie Skelly's erotice comic series Agent 8 is making its print debut! We're all for the internet (obvs) but there's nothing like a solid package to hold in your hot little hands. The volume will collect all the Agent 8 installments thus far, and be available in person at Comic Arts Brooklyn and after that on Katie's site. Comic Arts Brooklyn Nov. 8th...

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My Slut Icon: Elvira

0 Comments 🕔20 Oct 2014

"It's too frightening to be the brazen hussy, the woman who travels, who wants to go where men go and see what men see, who wears their clothes and appropriates their pleasures and mannerisms, who carries a razor, who has a hustle of her own going, who dresses to attract attention to herself...She is not free, but she deserves to be." -- Pat Califia By the time I was 15, I knew I could never cut...

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Sound & Vision Volume 1: Anna Copa Cabanna and Alex Lee Moyer

1 Comment 🕔16 Oct 2014

The Greeks have at least four different ways of expressing “love”. They saw it fit to make the distinction between expressing your devotion for you mom, and the pizza you just put in your mouth. But I speak English, and presumably so do you, and presumably-er, you throw around the word at least eighty times a day because it can literally describe anything from slight affection to that thing that goes wrong that makes for...

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The History & Arts of the Dominatrix: An Interview with Anne O Nomis

0 Comments 🕔14 Oct 2014

You would be hard-pressed to ignore the never-so-subtle influence that The Dominatrix has had on western culture. From Thierry Mugler’s infamous catwalk designs to the spillover cat suits of 1960’s TV heroines and the archetypes in between, The Dominatrix is one of the most popular images of women’s sexuality and also one of the most misunderstood and hush-hushed roles to date. Enter Anne O Nomis, author and creator of The History...

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Your Weekly Slut Roundup

0 Comments 🕔13 Oct 2014

From sex workers to women who use birth control or just, you know, anyone at all on the feminine spectrum, no one is safe from the slings and arrows of the S-word. Our weekly "slut roundup" is a snapshot of recent news items where the term has popped up, from stories on slut-shaming and sexist bigotry to any relevant sex positive pieces as well. This round, we have a piece detailing the rampant misogyny online, a...

🔍Read More bell hooks is a badass: A few fave quotes from her residency at The New School thus far

bell hooks is a badass: A few fave quotes from her residency at The New School thus far

3 Comments 🕔08 Oct 2014

Revolutionary feminist theorist, activist and pop culture critic bell hooks is holding court again at The New School, inviting a few heavy hitters to sit down and dialogue with her about race, class, gender, sexuality, contemporary culture and feminism. We were lucky enough to see her engage with Gloria Steinem and Laverne Cox on two separate evenings, and while the discussions varied, the depth and emotional honesty...

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Untame Issue 1 Release Party

0 Comments 🕔07 Oct 2014

We've been psyched for the first issue of Untame ever since we interviewed the two creative vixens behind the new art and ass-driven men's magazine, and this weekend issue 1 finally debuts in all its 165-page glory! For NYC folks, you'll definitely want to come by their release party on Saturday at the Littleneck Outpost in Greenpoint for free drinks, sounds by Andy Animal, and pages and pages of...

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October Slut of the Month: Severely Mame

0 Comments 🕔03 Oct 2014

As a ghoul who's regularly covered in enough blood to rival your heaviest flow day, Severely Mame is a perfect fit for our October Slut of the Month. We're thrilled to post this pre-Samhain sit-down with New York City's favorite dead girl as she talks sins, seduction and spells with us. Ripped from the epitaph of good moral standing, this page from the Diary of a Drag Fiend delves into the deep dark corners of...

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Sound & Vision: How To Art On A Budget

1 Comment 🕔02 Oct 2014

Let's get straight to the point: the purpose of this column will be making art (in this particular case music videos) when you got no bucks. I feel strongly that ambition never has to be shunted aside just because you got holes in your pocket, as long as you have friends (who hopefully will work cheap) and a dream. Who knows, maybe even the friends are optional (though, in my case, not so). Only the...