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Legacy of the Witch Set Times

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I. Setting The Intention 6:00pm Songs For The Spirits 6:15pm Pam Grossman 6:30pm Karyn Crisis 6:45pm Q&A II. Invocation 7:15pm Introduction 7:25pm Sara Crow & Morgan Sirene 7:35pm The Reverend Mother Flash 7:45pm Dangrrr Doll 7:55pm Minx Arcana 8:05pm Hether Fortune 8:20pm Delphic Oracle 9:00pm Chicava HoneyChild 9:10pm Severely Mame 9:20pm Legs Malone 9:30pm Azar Swan 10:00pm Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of the Witches III. Release 11:00pm DJ Jeralyn Tarot Readings by Cat Cabral available in the bar 7-9pm Ritual Design Workshops by Emily Tepper available 7-9 Palm Readings by Darcey from

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Legacy Of The Witch Visual Art Exhibition

0 Comments 🕔24 Mar 2015

With less than a week to go, we wanted to reveal the artists who will be showing (and selling) at Legacy of the Witch on Sunday. Karlynn Holland (the mind behind the Slutist logo) curated this intimate show herself, with representations of the female body in mind. In addition, we will be selling silkscreened posters from the event, hand numbered and signed by Brooklyn artist CozCon. A portion of the proceeds from those posters...

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Pervasive Feminisms: A Feminist Symposium And Exhibition

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Pervasive Feminisms is a one-day symposium and performance event at Greenpoint's Lutheran Church of the Messiah that will expose and interrogate the electric intersections between religion and female power. This roundtable discussion followed by visual art, performance art, and music features subversive luminaries like Sophia WallaceViva Ruiz, FlucT, Legacy Fatale, Go! Push Pops and more. We spoke with Milk and Night curatorial director...

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Hell Yes: Amber Rose Is Having Her Own SlutWalk (And Why It Matters)

1 Comment 🕔16 Mar 2015

Amber Rose has been courting controversy (as usual), but it's not her scantily-clad selfies that I'm talking about, but the very nasty slut-shaming that has been leveled against her by Kanye West, Khloe Kardashian and the public. In an excellent piece for The Root, Danielle C. Belton undresses the original beef and the inherent racism and classism behind the policing of the model's sexual expression. Last week, in a response to the backlash (and, no...

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Your Weekly Slut Roundup

0 Comments 🕔13 Mar 2015

From sex workers to women who use birth control or just, you know, anyone at all on the feminine spectrum, no one is safe from the slings and arrows of the S-word. Our weekly “slut roundup” is a snapshot of recent news items where the term has popped up, from stories on slut-shaming and sexist bigotry to any relevant sex positive pieces as well. This week we have a piece on the links between slut-shaming and...

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Comic Striptease: Agent 9

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Legacy of the Witch: A Manifesta & Updated Artist Lineup

1 Comment 🕔08 Mar 2015

It's no coincidence that witches and feminism have received more media attention than ever in the past few years. The concurrent rise of pop culture feminism and female (super)power on screen and online is less about manufactured moves for ratings and clickbait than it is about a return to powerful archetypes of femininity. And within this month alone, the topic of witchy feminists raised its head in a major news publication. If you believe...

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Apostasy Or Being Human: Views From An Ex-Muslim Pakistani-American Feminist

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I know I might get shunned by theocrats and conservatives for writing this, but I honestly do not care. The streets of Paris will never feel the same to me after the unfortunate murders at Charlie Hebdo's headquarters. A grim shadow has been cast over the Eiffel Tower and continues to spread like an infectious disease to other parts of the world. I am of course referring to radical fundamentalism. Not to name any specific...

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March Slut of the Month: Badaweyah

1 Comment 🕔04 Mar 2015

Our March Slut of the Month is Badaweyah, a bewitching practitioner and teacher of Egyptian dance. We spoke with her about influential women in the art form, belly dance stereotypes, and the similarities between empowerment through dance and through BDSM. When did you begin studying Egyptian dance, and how has your relationship with the art form developed since then? I started studying Egyptian Dance about 14 years ago. In the beginning, my interest was solely based...

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The Importance of Eroticism

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To devalue erotic art works is to devalue erotic artists. Specifically, those who express their creativity through the body and through sexuality - whether by choice or because, historically, it has been the only creative outlet for women. And by only creative outlet I mean a performance that cannot be separated from the performer. Women have always been creators, it's just that their creations have seldom been credited to them. Maybe it's just too personal for...