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Mother Whore: I Claim Both

My partner kneels by my bedside, his head to the floor with his hands stretched out in a yogic...

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February Slut of the Month: Corinne Dodenhoff

Well-versed in the ways of aural and visual seduction, creatrix Corinne Dodenhoff is our February Slut of the Month. A...

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Art Slut Magic Slut

Eve of Imbolc

Many of my friends celebrate New Year’s as a perfunctory holiday or as “amateur night,” because the calendar year...

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Politicunt Sex Worker's Rights

How Not To Be An Asshole When Your Sex Worker Partner Is Assaulted At Work

Alright folks, there’s no sugarcoating what this post is for: People get sexually assaulted. Some of those people are...

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Art Slut Fashion Slut Magic Slut

Vain VVitch: Crafting A Postmodern, Feminist Dybbuk

2017 was the worst year for a lot of minorities, and when it gets worse for minorities I push...

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Art Slut Film Slut

Kitten Natividad: Superstar of Sexploitation

Kitten Natividad is a pleasure polymath. Over the past fifty years she’s been an adult film star, two time...

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Art Slut Fine (Art) Slut

Ink Minx: Shanzey Afzal’s Mobile Feminist Tattoo Studio

Shanzey Afzal started her mobile feminist tattoo studio, Ink Minx, out of necessity. After surviving an apprenticeship rife with...

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Art Slut Magic Slut Witch, Please

Father Time

As an enthusiast of the art of comics, one that I’ve kept taped to various incarnations of vision boards is,...

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Art Slut Word Slut


1. The person with the sweet tooth is not always the one who has the sugar. 2. A pimp...

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Sluts of the Month

Comic Striptease


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Sex Sex Work

Mistress Velvet: The African Dominatrix on Queer Sex Work, Finding Your Niche, and Cis White Slaves

I first saw Mistress Velvet, a Ghanaian Dominatrix, PhD student, and femme at a bar called Juniors in the...

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Op-Ed Slut Sex Sex Work

How To Talk To A Slut You Just Met, Know, And/Or Love

No matter how far I think we’ve come with sex positive feminisms, I am still baffled by the judgments...

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Self-Pleasure In The Public Eye: Female Masturbation Onscreen

Thanks to BYU-Idaho’s ridiculous video comparing fallen soldiers with young men who fall prey to the pleasures of internet porn,...

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