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Magic For The Heart

Working in an occult shop as Valentine’s Day approached always brought out the romantic and amateur sociologist in me....

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It smelled hot and muggy, like pussy and August as I hauled my duffel bag of heavy heels through...

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Kink Sex Sex Work Slut of the Month

February Slut of the Month: Mistress Lucy Sweetkill

An enthusiast of the unconventional, Mistress Lucy Sweetkill is co-owner and co-proprietess of one of NYC’s most decadent and...

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Art Slut Magic Slut The SlutList Witch, Please

In Goddess We Trust

I’m still glowing with the energetic waves of protest from the Women’s March here in NYC and collectively all...

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Art Slut TV Slut Word Slut

Lizz Winstead: The First Lady of Political Satire Talks Protest, Fake News & Feminist Party Jams

The first lady of political satire, Lizz Winstead is a multi-hyphenate performer whose humor is equally at home on network...

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Art Slut Magic Slut Music Slut

Knifesex’s Deipna: Songs For Dance And Devotion

Conjuring evocative post-industrial noisescapes for ritual and ecstatic dance, Knifesex‘s Deipna is a feast for the senses. Named after...

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Art Slut Body Positivity Magic Slut Sex Sex Toys

Chakrubs’ Fetish-Inspired Shadow Line Elevates The Darkness Within Us

Chakrubs’ stunning crystal sexual wellness products straddle the line between spirituality and eroticism, and with the new Shadow Line, offer...

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Art Slut Dance Slut Fine (Art) Slut

Naomi Elena Ramirez: Reframing The “Other Woman” Through Dance

Naomi Elena Ramirez‘s “The Temptress, Seductress, and Other Woman: Fictions of desire and responsibility” is about the uncompromising positions—both...

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Art Slut Slut of the Month Word Slut

January Slut of the Month: Sophie Saint Thomas

Starting off 2017 with a babely bang, Sophie Saint Thomas is our January Slut of the Month. A writer and provocateur...

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Comic Striptease


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Sex Sex Work

Mistress Velvet: The African Dominatrix on Queer Sex Work, Finding Your Niche, and Cis White Slaves

I first saw Mistress Velvet, a Ghanaian Dominatrix, PhD student, and femme at a bar called Juniors in the...

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Feminism Op-Ed Slut

My Plastic Surgery Is Feminist As Fuck

I shouldn’t have to defend my boob job, but here we go. I begin by stating “feminism is for...

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Op-Ed Slut Sex Sex Work

How To Talk To A Slut You Just Met, Know, And/Or Love

No matter how far I think we’ve come with sex positive feminisms, I am still baffled by the judgments...

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