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Comic Striptease: Agent 73, Part 2

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How I Confront Sex Positivity and Consent as an Asexual Feminist

I was scrolling down my Tumblr feed the other day, when I came across a post in all caps...

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Great Moments In Historical Sluttery The SlutList

Great Moments In Historical Sluttery: Semiramis, Historical Queen, Warrior Empress, Vengeful Lover, and Mother Goddess

Separating fact from legend in the history of the ancient world can be close to impossible. Between royal claims...

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Herpes Stigma & Women of Color

I’ve had genital herpes for almost a year. While I’ve noticed many women combatting stigma by writing about their...

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What Is A Witch? Pam Grossman & Tin Can Forest Turn Myth And History Into Magic

The witch is a shapeshifter. She transforms from vixen to hag, healer to hellion, adversary to advocate based on...

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The Sex Trafficking Mythology vs. Sex Work, a Discussion of Threadbare and the Global Garment Industry

When you look closely at widely publicized sex trafficking campaigns, you see less facts and more anti-sex, xenophobic mythologies....

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Comic Striptease: Agent 73

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Maiden to Mother: Fertility As Creative Magic

The darling buds of May are cautiously making their grand debut. As the sun brightens up my living room...

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Witchcraft, Satanism, and the Male Gaze: The Paranoid Sexual Politics of Belladonna of Sadness

The 1973 Japanese animation feature film Belladonna of Sadness defies its roots in the sexploitation genre by spending as...

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How To Talk To A Slut You Just Met, Know, And/Or Love

No matter how far I think we’ve come with sex positive feminisms, I am still baffled by the judgments...

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Self-Pleasure In The Public Eye: Female Masturbation Onscreen

Thanks to BYU-Idaho’s ridiculous video comparing fallen soldiers with young men who fall prey to the pleasures of internet porn,...

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I Don’t Play Games: Bad At Sports, Bad At Dating

My name is Morgan. I am a queer, cisgender woman (who prefers partners of any/non gender who have cocks...

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