🔍Read More Fuck, It’s A Great Month For Feminist Events In NYC

Fuck, It’s A Great Month For Feminist Events In NYC

0 Comments 🕔18 Sep 2014

If you live in the New York City area and are even remotely into feminist art, culture or politics, the end of September through early October will make you gag with their resplendent event offerings. From the ongoing Future Feminism talks featuring Marina Abramović, Kembra Pfahler and many more to bell hooks holding court with Laverne Cox or Gloria Steinem at The New School, it's very rare to encounter such a collection of happenings with so...

🔍Read More Shoot Tampons At Period Stigma In This New Video Game

Shoot Tampons At Period Stigma In This New Video Game

0 Comments 🕔17 Sep 2014

Two NYC high school students met at the summer intensive computing program Girls Who Code and created menstrual magic with their final project. Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser's Tampon Run is the first game to tackle period stigma with super cute interactive visuals where you throw tampons at your enemies all while trying to stock up on shimmering boxes of sanitary products. The opening message speaks to the cultural invisibility of this...

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How To Have A Feminist Fall

0 Comments 🕔12 Sep 2014

Some of you east coast sluts might have felt the beginnings of a chill this week, the first cold shiver of leather weather that officially opens the season of autumnal activities and pagan partying. Although most of our favorite September-November happenings aren't traditionally female-centric (no surprise), there are still plenty of ways that you can easily turn your fall feminist. Here are a few to start: Indulge in some feminist baking (or feminist eating) Gutter goddess...

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Hysteria: A Collection Of Feminisms

0 Comments 🕔11 Sep 2014

Hysteria is a London-based publication and platform for feminist activism that subtly interweaves academic analysis, pop culture commentary, poetry and visual art. The 3rd issue, "Abjection," brings together divergent strains of feminist thought and works, from discussions of Orange Is The New Black and women's prisons (Carolin Muller) to Islamic feminism (Vanessa Rivera De La Fuente) and the boss bitches of hip hop (Katie Cercone). Images of Senga Nengudi's famous abstract sculptural performance, "RSVP" and...

🔍Read More Your Weekly Slut Roundup

Your Weekly Slut Roundup

0 Comments 🕔10 Sep 2014

From sex workers to women who use birth control or just, you know, anyone at all on the feminine spectrum, no one is safe from the slings and arrows of the S-word. Our weekly "slut roundup" is a snapshot of recent news items where the term has popped up, from stories on slut-shaming and sexist bigotry to any relevant sex positive pieces as well. This roundup includes an HIV activist calling out slut-shaming in the gay...

🔍Read More Heads You Lose

Heads You Lose

0 Comments 🕔08 Sep 2014

The other night at dusk in my Cobble Hill neighborhood, the window display of the clothing store Barneys on Atlantic Avenue glowed with an eerie light, and the women mannequins had a special ghostly touch. Of course, they sported lovely, elegant clothes, but atop their spectrally white bodies instead of heads were weird, elongated points. Not just missing heads, but points vaguely reminiscent of overturned flowerpots stretched to conical shapes, or, if you were thinking...

🔍Read More HPV Realness: What You Need to Know About America’s #1 STI

HPV Realness: What You Need to Know About America’s #1 STI

3 Comments 🕔05 Sep 2014

Did you know that doctors can now test your DNA for the human papilloma virus (HPV)? That you need to get your anus tested for HPV if you have a sexually active back door – and yes menfolk, that goes for you too? That Farrah Fawcett passed away due to a cancer caused by HPV? I was relieved to learn all this from Dr. Stephen Meeneghan, a naturopathic doctor at the San Francisco...

🔍Read More Rebecca Goyette: Creating Confrontational Characters and the Art of Lobsta Porn

Rebecca Goyette: Creating Confrontational Characters and the Art of Lobsta Porn

0 Comments 🕔03 Sep 2014

Cunning and confrontational, bawdy and bold, Rebecca Goyette's video art is like nothing else. That may be quite the statement to make about an artist's entire oeuvre, but how many feminist lobster pornos have you seen in your lifetime? Not enough, would be our answer. Although she works in all mediums, Goyette recently found her niche crafting lusty lobsta videos, and has filmed her costumed, interspecies pornos around the world. Whether playing Lobsta Girl, Octopussy or Ghost...

🔍Read More 5 Important Aesthetic Statements on Rape

5 Important Aesthetic Statements on Rape

0 Comments 🕔03 Sep 2014

Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz was raped in her dorm bed on the first day of her Sophomore year. College administrators, police, and even friends failed to believe her story and bring her rapist to justice, so along with 22 other students, she's bringing a Federal Title IX complaint against the school. As a visual reminder to everyone who crosses her path, the visual arts major has decided to carry around a twin-size...

🔍Read More September Slut of the Month: Lily

September Slut of the Month: Lily

0 Comments 🕔01 Sep 2014

Lily Douce is one half of the Montreal-based duo behind Pornographic Love, an artistically shot, no-holds-barred portal into a real couple's sex life. The project is completely DIY: Lily and Max are behind every aspect of their videos from the cinematography and editing down to the production and promotion. We asked Lily about love porn versus traditional porn, what turns her on, and who she looks to in the industry for inspiration. Was your upbringing sex...