🔍Read More The Sad(istic) Clown Diaries: CHOKE

The Sad(istic) Clown Diaries: CHOKE

0 Comments 🕔26 Jul 2014

*Special edition advice column! I've been working on this in my spare time the last few weeks for fun. I'm in Japan and am busy enjoying the experience so "Thrashing Against Obsession: Part II" will be up next week. XO* Recently a friend of mine was telling me about her newest sexual partner and how he enjoys choking her during sex. My immediate reaction was concern, because erotic and autoerotic asphyxiation is easily the most common...

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When Sex Toys Aren’t Safe: A Public Cervix Announcement

0 Comments 🕔25 Jul 2014

If you just purchased a new pleasure tool from eBay or Amazon, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. A recent spate of counterfeit sex toys could be making your sex less than safe, according to Xbiz. Although Porn Guardian launched a new Product Piracy Pilot Program to crack down on counterfeiters, there are still some nasty fakes out there loaded with lord-knows-what. We asked sex toy exxxpert and blogger...

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Women For Women Against Feminism

3 Comments 🕔24 Jul 2014

Maybe you’ve heard of this new tumblr that’s become pretty popular within the current conversation about feminism. It’s called Women Against Feminism. Go ahead. Check it out. Read some of those blurbs from women. How does it make you feel? Are you shocked? Nauseous? Repulsed? Because you’re supposed to be repulsed. You’re supposed to be disgusted by these women. You’re supposed to think that they’re stupid, undereducated, Midwestern hicks who are unaware of...

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Down For Whatever: A Sex Positive Podcast

0 Comments 🕔23 Jul 2014

Down For Whatever is a feminist sex, dating and relationship advice show by the lovely (and witty) Myisha Battle. The podcasts have featured folks discussing everything from BDSM, sex work, and foreskin to sex positive feminism and what it's like to date a lot of people simultaneously. Oh, and Slutist editrix Kristen Korvette makes an appearance on Episode 2, called, appropriately, "Feminism Is the New Black," where she discusses teaching 4th...

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Your Weekly Slut Roundup

0 Comments 🕔18 Jul 2014

From sex workers to women who use birth control or just, you know, anyone at all on the feminine spectrum, no one is safe from the slings and arrows of the S-word. Our weekly "slut roundup" is a snapshot of recent news items where the term has popped up, from stories on slut-shaming and sexist bigotry to any relevant sex positive pieces as well. This week, we have one writer encouraging us to embrace our inner...

🔍Read More The (Sad)istic Clown Diaries: Thrashing Against Obsession (Part 1)

The (Sad)istic Clown Diaries: Thrashing Against Obsession (Part 1)

0 Comments 🕔16 Jul 2014

"I could fall in love with a chair." That is a real thing that I said to the guy I was sleeping with last week. His face fell as if I'd wounded him deeply and unexpectedly. I tried to explain myself but my words fell flat. How can I expect anyone to understand such an absurd statement? It's something I've said before. I've no problem with honesty or vulnerability. I've never been afraid to tell...

🔍Read More A Japanese Artist Was Arrested For 3D Printing Her Vagina

A Japanese Artist Was Arrested For 3D Printing Her Vagina

0 Comments 🕔15 Jul 2014

We've all heard about the theoretical dangers of 3D printing, and in the wrong hands, it could be disastrous. With the ability to re-create just about anything with high precision accuracy, the cutting-edge technology could be used to illegally manufacture machine guns, drugs, or even...vaginas. Yesterday, Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested in Tokyo for doing just that, or rather, distributing data through the internet that would allow for the creation of a model...

🔍Read More Toronto Slutwalk 2014: SWTO

Toronto Slutwalk 2014: SWTO

1 Comment 🕔14 Jul 2014

It has been over three years since activists in Toronto set off a worldwide movement with their first ever SlutWalk to raise awareness about victim blaming and sexual assault. This past weekend, the protest returned to its original Canadian stomping grounds with a reinvigorated mission and message. While the SlutWalk was originally criticized for neglecting race, sexual orientation and gender identity in relation to slut-shaming and sexual violence, they have since rebranded themselves...

🔍Read More Smash the Sexual Status Quo: Demand Oral Sex

Smash the Sexual Status Quo: Demand Oral Sex

1 Comment 🕔11 Jul 2014

If you’re an American woman like me, you probably grew up in a culture where the blow job was revered as a sexual act that every woman should learn to perfect so as to properly satisfy and keep her man. (If not, then maybe this article isn’t for you, and also I’d like to know where you grew up.) What with all the Cosmo magazine covers touting seven new ways to give him an amazing...

🔍Read More The Sad(istic) Clown Diaries

The Sad(istic) Clown Diaries

0 Comments 🕔09 Jul 2014

I am extremely unsatisfied sexually as a Domme at the moment. Well, always. I know exactly what I want. I want a sexual partner that can transcend gender roles and power barriers with me. A P.Y.T. who will trust me to take them beyond the threshold of pain and into the pleasure dome (lol). In exchange I may even trust them to take hold of me as well. That'd be an interesting and satisfying progression...