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Witchcraft, Satanism, and the Male Gaze: The Paranoid Sexual Politics of Belladonna of Sadness

The 1973 Japanese animation feature film Belladonna of Sadness defies its roots in the sexploitation genre by spending as...

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Art Slut Film Slut Great Moments In Historical Sluttery The SlutList

Great Moments In Historical Sluttery: Mae West’s Seven Decades as a Sex Symbol

Mae West could have been famous for any one of her remarkable qualities. A stunning, magnetic screen star, a...

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Art Slut Dance Slut Sex Sex Work

A Sex Positive Ladies Guide To Strip Club Deportment

For all the sex positive ladies out there who want to party responsibly and support the talents and hustle...

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Anohni At The Park Avenue Armory

Walking into the Park Avenue Armory you know you’re about to see something special. The Gothic Revival building, built...

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Hathor: Creating Community & Cultivating Creativity Through Sound + Vision

A collective of female and female-identified solo electronic music producers, Hathor was conceived as a space to create community, cultivate...

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Art Slut Fashion Slut

Witch Slut Swag For Summer

On this hallowed day, the blackest of Fridays, set your summer style intentions with swag from 10 of our...

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Slut of the Month

May Slut Of The Month: Ev’Yan Whitney

Our May Slut of the Month is sexuality doula Ev’Yan Whitney, who spreads the slut-positive gospel of Sex Love...

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Comic Striptease: Agent 10

Art Slut Magic Slut The SlutList Witch, Please

Mischief And Magic On The Eve Of Beltane

Gimmicks, bonfires and what witches do, the Eve of Beltane or May Day is upon us. To add to...

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Sluts of the Month

Comic Striptease


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Op-Ed Slut Sex Sex Work

How To Talk To A Slut You Just Met, Know, And/Or Love

No matter how far I think we’ve come with sex positive feminisms, I am still baffled by the judgments...

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Self-Pleasure In The Public Eye: Female Masturbation Onscreen

Thanks to BYU-Idaho’s ridiculous video comparing fallen soldiers with young men who fall prey to the pleasures of internet porn,...

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Op-Ed Slut Sex

I Don’t Play Games: Bad At Sports, Bad At Dating

My name is Morgan. I am a queer, cisgender woman (who prefers partners of any/non gender who have cocks...

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