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Art Slut Fine (Art) Slut

Ink Minx: Shanzey Afzal’s Mobile Feminist Tattoo Studio

Shanzey Afzal started her mobile feminist tattoo studio, Ink Minx, out of necessity. After surviving an apprenticeship rife with...

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Art Slut Magic Slut Witch, Please

Father Time

As an enthusiast of the art of comics, one that I’ve kept taped to various incarnations of vision boards is,...

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Art Slut Word Slut


1. The person with the sweet tooth is not always the one who has the sugar. 2. A pimp...

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Slut of the Month

December Slut of the Month: Carly S.

We first encountered firebrand Carly S. one fateful October night at the Pleasure Chest. After learning about her unquenchable werewolf...

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Art Slut Fine (Art) Slut

Chiara No: On Being a Metaller and What it Means to “Other”

I saw a friend at a party who encouraged me to look into a Brooklyn-based artist working with themes...

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Art Slut Magic Slut

Hey, Jupiter

For my one-year wedding anniversary I escaped to Woodstock and experienced the starry night sky: a cabin surrounded by...

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Art Slut Music Slut

Strange Desire

It was Christmas morning 1998 and I’d been up for hours, shredding the paper from too many gifts and...

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Art Slut Book Slut Fine (Art) Slut Magic Slut

Literary Witches: Taisia Kitaiskaia & Katy Horan On Magic, Inspiration, and Collaboration

Literary Witches: A Celebration of Magical Women Writers is a kaleidoscopic grimoire that positions the great literary craftswomen of our...

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Art Slut Magic Slut Music Slut

Knifesex’s Babalon: An Offering To The Goddess

knifesex‘s Babalon begins with hypnotic intensity, building in a brooding crescendo as creatrix Vanessa Irena whispers: “Holy is the whore.”...

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Sluts of the Month

Comic Striptease


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Sex Sex Work

Mistress Velvet: The African Dominatrix on Queer Sex Work, Finding Your Niche, and Cis White Slaves

I first saw Mistress Velvet, a Ghanaian Dominatrix, PhD student, and femme at a bar called Juniors in the...

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Feminism Op-Ed Slut

My Plastic Surgery Is Feminist As Fuck

I shouldn’t have to defend my boob job, but here we go. I begin by stating “feminism is for...

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Op-Ed Slut Sex Sex Work

How To Talk To A Slut You Just Met, Know, And/Or Love

No matter how far I think we’ve come with sex positive feminisms, I am still baffled by the judgments...

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